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Important Things to Know Before Signing Divorce Papers

Couple fighting with their kidWhen the news of  Brangelina’s divorce broke out last year, everyone was surprised and saddened. From George Clooney, one of the couple’s closest friends, to that beefy butcher who cuts your meat at the local deli, everyone weighed in on the issue. Many questions arose, as well. Does Jennifer Aniston feel vindicated? Will Brad and Angie stay friends? What will happen to the kids?

For the time being, the mainstream media has been talking about the topic of divorce. As for average people like us, it's a way to confront one fact: Divorce happens, and it must be talked about.

The Crucial Questions

If your marriage is in a crisis right now, the word divorce may have circled your head once or twice. It's best that you take note of important questions before making a decision.

  • Is divorce truly what you want or does a part of you still wish to work with your chosen life partner?
  • Have you both accepted your role in whatever marital issues you are facing and tried to make amends?
  • Is the challenge you're facing highly demanding as a couple and you think you could benefit from coaching or is your marriage beyond salvation?

Divorce with Kids

Choosing to divorce your partner is not all there is to it, especially when you have children. The whole setup could turn your children’s lives upside down. For example, they might need to live somewhere else or go to a different school.

If they had recently suffered a loss — for instance, the death of a pet — then dropping the issue to them can hurt even more. On your part, there are custody agreements to be made as well as arrangements with your child support attorney in Colorado Springs. Consult them before anything else to avoid making matters worse.

If anything, better assess your situation so you can better decide on which step to take next. Divorce can be demanding not only for you, but for your children as well.

Appliances that Need Regular Replacements

Electrician checking a malfunctioning refrigerator with lady ownerPeople have come a long way since the Industrial Revolution. Humans can no longer imagine living their lives without electricity and appliances. However, nothing lasts forever. Even the sturdiest ones need replacement. Otherwise, they become a waste of energy and costly to repair.

When it comes to home maintenance, do not forget to replace these appliances too:

Air Conditioner

ACs have a very long lifespan of up to 20 years, although you may not have to change the entire unit. You can replace the defective parts instead. Air conditioners, however, need regular maintenance for it to function properly. If you fail to keep up with that, you may have to buy a new one soon.


Winters can be frigid cold, so furnaces are your best friends. Like the ACs, they can last for two decades. But even if they are still working, you have to think of replacing them by the thirteenth year. Furnaces become less efficient as they age. In turn, your electric bill may increase over time.

If you are living in Indiana where winters can be harsh, you can benefit from a healthy furnace. Keep track of its life and buy furnace in Indiana when necessary, preferably from reputable vendors such as Legacy Heating & Air.


Many factors affect the longevity of the fridge. One of these is the type. For example, standard refs outlast the compact ones by at least three years. Another consideration is the amount of care you give it. The lack of it can mean damaged coils and refrigerants, which means they take a long time to cool.

This can then potentially increase your electric bill. You also need to clean it regularly. Lastly, see to it there is no mold growth that can harm your health.

These are mere guidelines. If you want to know the appliance’s estimated lifespan, check its manual. Read it too to know how to take care of these items properly.

Ensuring a Bright Future for Your Children

Group of kids going to school togetherMany parents fail to prepare their children for the long and treacherous journey into the job market, putting them at a disadvantage. The article highlights simple but effective ways to secure your kid’s future.

Pick the right schools

Education is the key to leading a successful life. Nowhere else does this statement hold true than in the lives of the rich and famous. Many of the current day superstars talk of having a rather humble start in life. They talk about taking a second or a third shift to put themselves through night school.

Moreover, their efforts paid out in spades. With their newly acquired skills, they set about conquering the world to achieve significant levels of success in their field of specialisation. Hence, giving your child a good education cements their chances of being successful in life.

Outstanding schools and learning institutions in Dubai mould and nature your child into a model adult ready to face the world in every sector.

Ensure they are skilful

While fluency in reading and writing is admirable, a good calibre school arms your child with a functional brain. Among other skills, they teach leadership, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Such schools dedicate their time towards child development to ensure they grow up to be responsible adults.

They grow up to be skilful, knowledgeable, and well-rounded individuals who can thrive in fast-paced environment. Balanced and skilled people are in high demand in the current day market. As such, equipping your child with exceptional skills gives them an edge on the market.

In a highly competitive market, having an excellent grounding in education counts as a significant advantage. These two pointers can help your child stay ahead of the curve. Make sure to get the best education there is for your kids.

Pricing Cupcakes the Profitable Way

Rows Of Decorated Cupcakes

Rows Of Decorated CupcakesThe cake industry continues to thrive and cupcakes are still one of the most favored products on the market. Cupcake stores are sprouting everywhere, each with their own set of flavors, fancy displays, and marketing gimmicks. With all these, how will your cupcake brand stand out and earn? The answer is simple: by pricing your products right. shares a few pointers to help you out:

Know your costs

The money you spent for that box of delicious cupcakes is the most important aspect of your pricing. Calculate your costs according to overhead (rent, utilities, posters, and business cards), ingredients, baking equipment, cupcake supplies, and delivery. All of these play a big part in the overall pricing of your product.

Cost the time you spent baking

Time is important and it’s something you cannot take back no matter how expensive your cupcake is. How time-consuming is the preparation and baking process? How different is it compared to other regular, non-time-consuming products? Answer these questions before deciding on the price of your cupcakes.

Consider how much other bakeries are charging

How much are the products of your toughest competitor? Call them and ask if you can, so you’ll have an idea how advantageous your price is. For example, if they sell a cupcake for $3.50, you can sell yours for $3. The fifty-cent difference creates a big impact to consumers. Just remember not to compete with grocery store prices.

Play with pricing

Play with different types of pricing, including portfolio, which is set prices for set products; mix and match, where customers can choose and customize their own set of cupcakes; and custom order, a separate order done according to your customer’s specifications. Other than having diverse price ranges, these types of pricing engage customers.

It’s hard to survive in the cake industry, but it is possible when you know how to price your products right while pairing it with exceptional quality, creativity, and hard work. Make your cupcakes stand out and your customers will love them just like you do.

How Can You Use Social Video to Promote Your Hotel?

Social media marketing

Social videos are content for platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other similar websites. These allow you to reach your audience and provide them with engaging and entertaining videos for them to watch and share.

A hotel marketing agency cites the following ways on how you can effectively leverage videos for social media.

Boost Visibility

If you want to be more visible online, videos are the way to go. This content type is interactive, and people are more receptive to it because they just click play and watch. Virtual tours of your rooms and facilities enable potential guests to visualize themselves staying in your establishment. Post the video on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Videos and other similar platforms. Make sure to include the search terms on the tags, description and title to improve its page rank.

Connect with Guests

Videos are an effective way to personal the experience of current and potential guests. Using hotel staff in the videos, you produce and publish create a connection with a guest, because they see a human face behind the establishment. This enables you to create a strong client relationship and improve the reach of your content.

One way to connect with clients using videos is to feature staff walking viewers to the best features and facilities of your hotel. Use input from former guests to determine which parts of your establishment to feature on the video.

Engage and Inform

Videos are effective at engaging and informing an audience; you get to discuss the best features, suites and promotions that your hotel offers with a video. You also engage your viewers because they get a virtual tour of your establishment. Create an editorial calendar to organize the videos you publish and share; it also gives you a sense of direction as to what theme to use for the content.

These are some of the ways that enable you to use videos effectively. Implement these to get the results you are looking for when sharing on social media.

Important Facts to Know About FHA Loans

Woman handing over a paper labeled loan and pen for signing inMortgage loans offered by the FHA are popular among lower and middle-income borrowers. The standards for these loans are far lower than what is required by banks, and the loans are available for lower down payments. The FHA insures these loans so that lenders don’t have to worry about defaults. The interest rates on these loans are more affordable, making them attractive to consumers.

Here are the criteria to meet if you are planning to apply for an FHA loan:

Credit Rating

The minimum credit rating to qualify for a loan in the FHA program depends on the type of loan one needs. To be able to get a loan with a down payment of just over 3%, scores have to be 580 and above. Those with lower scores can get a loan but need a higher down payment.

Down Payment

A down payment of 3.5% is attractive and affordable for many. Many borrowers are able to tap into their savings or get gifts from family or in the form of a grant to meet the requirements.

Closing Costs

The FHA makes it easier for sellers, lenders, and builders help a borrower with closing costs. Expenses paid toward appraisals, title transfer, and credit report can add up. Any help in this area enables borrowers to get the home of their dreams.

FHA Lender List

The FHA just insures the mortgage; it doesn’t lend directly. Borrowers must approach one of the FHA-approved lenders to get their money.


Borrowers have to pay two insurance premiums on their mortgage – 1.75% upfront on the loan amount and the annual premium. These need to be paid on a monthly basis and will vary based on the loan period. Check with the lender about the amount that you need to pay.

Cash for Repairs

As part of the FHA loan program, the FHA has a special facility for those borrowers in need of extra cash to make necessary repairs. Also known as the 203(K), the loan amount is calculated on the project value of a home after the repairs are completed. The maximum amount for which a borrower is eligible is $35,000.

Financial Hardship Relief

FHA listed lenders usually work with borrowers who are struggling to make payments because of financial issues. Borrowers get temporary relief or even modifications on their loans so that they can keep their homes.

The FHA program has made it easier for people to own a home and build equity in it. Look for a financing company that offers this type of loan so you can get started immediately.

Top 3 Things a Safe Workplace Always Has

Manager with employee iconAll industries have their corresponding hazards. Construction workers face dangers from equipment malfunction to small tools mishandling. Factory workers face health hazards from the many different chemicals and fumes they might get exposed to. Even laboratory work poses its own set of challenges.

In any situation, there are safety guidelines that help protect people from the dangers of their work. Every industry has different safety requirements, but there are basic safety equipment and materials they all must have. Read on to learn how to stay safe in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For the more dangerous jobs, PPE must always be worn at all times. Personal Protective Equipment varies among industries. If you’re working at construction site, then this might include safety goggles to protect your eyes from small particles, gloves for preventing accidental cuts when handling bladed tools, and helmets to shield the head from falling debris or tools.

Check with local regulations what PPE requirements your job should have or ask safety equipment suppliers about what covers the basics.

Supplementary Protection

These are equipment designed to add even more protection depending on when they are needed. These could include hearing protection for when workers are exposed to job environments that involve extremely loud noises, foot protection to prevent electrocution for electricians or add more traction for workers who work with slippery surfaces, and safety harnesses and cables for workers who work on high areas.

On Site Prevention

Other than providing personal protective equipment, employers must create and maintain a working environment that promotes employee safety. On-site safety measures include fire extinguishers, fireman’s axe, and additional lengths of hose. Additionally, preventative measures must be observed at all times, especially when handling machinery and other dangerous equipment.

The importance of safety can never be understated. Wearing protective gear and ensuring your workplace has protective measures can go a long way to improve employee satisfaction, morale, and safety.

Some Life Hacks to Make You Happy And Content

A Happy GirlWe all reach that stage when we don’t feel content with our life. We get unhappy. Monotonous routine and highly stressful work leave us feeling deflated daily. We compiled a list of simple hacks to make our lives better. Or improve the way we view life as it is.

Travel and See More of the World

Joining an LDS holy land tour or any other travel expedition will present you with a brand-new vantage point to life. Meeting new people, seeing diverse cultures, and getting acquainted with pieces of history can help us see the bigger picture and connect with the rest of society.

Venturing to a country or city you haven’t been before will reward you with life long memories. Also, just in case you don’t know yet, visiting far places will give you a newer fresher perspective on life as traveling can be therapeutic.

Enjoy A Good Book, A Good Movie, or Great Company

Depending on the kind of person you are, any of these three can contribute toward making you feel happier. If you haven’t read any of the 100 books to read in a lifetime, it’s about time you do. As for movies, any film from this list is guaranteed to make you feel happy every time.

Take the weekend to bond with your good friends, those whose laughter are so contagious. Being around in the company of active people will inevitably affect your mood.

Dancing and Sports Activities that You Enjoy

It can be Zumba, or it can be freestyle dancing in your room while in front of the mirror – it doesn’t matter if you’re having fun. Apart from engaging in any sport, you may also find playing badminton, swimming, sky diving, mountain climbing and others a lot liberating. It’s not only that that exercising release ‘feel good’ hormones, but the added newness of the activity as well can help improve your perspective in life.

Help in Community Activities

Helping out in search and rescue, meals on wheels, or tutoring orphans, there’s something about giving back to society that makes a person feel satisfied with life. Volunteer work can help you reaffirm your life’s purpose. Knowing that you’re doing something good to others validates your contentment and happiness.

The truth is that there are many things you can do today to increase your happiness level: taking a long bath, going to the beach, fishing with your friends, watching reruns of Friends or getting a massage or heeding one or all of the list we presented above.

It doesn’t take much to have fun and enjoy life. You just need to do whatever pleases you. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Collecting Gold Bullion Coins is More than Numismatics

Gold coinToday, gold bullion coins are popular across the globe as collections with historical value. Some of the most popular collections are housed in museums and collected by enterprising investors
For some collectors, investing is only part of the appeal. The main appeal is rarity, artistry, and even history. However, investing in gold and silver bullion has always had an additional attraction: it also serves as an additional form of investment. This has led to an increase in the demand in the production and collection of these coins.
Collecting gold and silver bullion coins has become a popular investment trend worldwide. In fact, it is one way to invest your money. Auckland Collectors Centre presents some of the more famous gold bullion coins in the world.

American Eagle

In the United States, the American Eagle bullion coin is very popular. The coin was introduced in 1986 and has become in demand ever since. It is one of the more popular coins for investment. Many people also cite its design as one of the best in American coinage.

Gold American Buffalo

Aside from the American Eagle, the United States is famous for its American Buffalo gold bullion coins. Designed by James Earle Fraser, the coins were introduced in 1913.

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coins

The Austrian Philharmonic coins were first minted in 1989 and were in demand in the early 1990s. The design was a tribute to the popular Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Canadian Maple Leaf

Canada also has a gold bullion coin that has been quite popular for investors. Since the country is famous for its maple leaf, the coin incorporated the leaf into its design. The coin was introduced in 1979 and has been popular ever since.
Gold bullion coins are great investments today. Aside from the almost constant value of gold, they are easier to exchange than other forms of investment. 

Tired of Air Pollution? Go Out of Town

Out of Town TripBig cities in China like Shanghai and Beijing have been so overwhelmed by pollution that residents have resorted to some odd options, including bottled fresh air. “It reminds me of the forest,” one user said, adding that the price is also reasonable. However, for most people in New South Wales, pollution is not a daily hazard and they can enjoy zero-vehicle smog by getting out of town.

Get out of town, take a breather

In Sydney, there is plenty of nature just outside of town. These places offer residents and tourist the fresh mountain or sea air that many people in big cities are denied. Most of them are a little more than an hour away.

You don’t even have to do the driving. Call up a budget bus for hire in Sydney and pack the whole family in for a day trip. Doing this won’t tire you out before the work week starts again. Concord Coaches says that all you have to do is to give the instructions on where you want to go. So whether it’s to head up the coast to the Pacific shoreline or go a couple of hours’ west to the Blue Mountain forests, you’re assured of a safe trip out of town.

Car Fumes + Oxygen = Ozone

However, the ever-increasing motor vehicle traffic in recent years do cause coughing and throat irritation, but the wind regularly blows away the pollution for the most part.
Nevertheless, when the air is still and hot, vehicle exhausts and air conditioner fumes can react with oxygen in the air to form a hazardous gas called ozone. This pungent, colourless gas can cause anything from throat irritations to chest pains.
There are usually more reported cases of heart strokes and respiratory illness during the summer, although residents do breathe in an amount of the gas on their daily outings and commutes to work. With higher and higher vehicle traffic, it’s all around the City.
Awareness in Australia is rising when it comes to air pollution. But if you’re in Sydney, you simply have to hire a bus and experience nature’s beauty.