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Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death in California?

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Wrongful Death LawsuitWhen a loved one dies because an ex-con got a hold of a weapon carelessly left by a cop in a car, you have cause to file a wrongful death lawsuit. You may even go so far as to sue the government for negligence, with sufficient evidence. What if the decedent didn’t have any living survivor, can anyone else sue?

Not Just Family

An unfortunate turn of events can cause a ripple that destroys multiple lives. In some cases, the tragedy affects people outside the deceased person’s family. In California, you can seek the expertise of a wrongful death attorney and file a lawsuit even when you are not a blood relative of the decedent.

Other than the surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, parents, and/or siblings, the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 377.60 also identifies the following as having the right to recover financial damages for loss suffered due to the victim’s death:

  • The putative spouse (or the surviving spouse of a void or voidable marriage);
  • A minor who was financially dependent on, and lived with the deceased person for the previous 180 days;

Individuals who were dependent on the decedent are, essentially, entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A Complex Legal Issue

What if the decedent is an unborn child? Can parents sue for damages?

Under California law, a fetus is not a “person” as prescribed within the meaning of the wrongful death statute. This means parents cannot bring a wrongful death lawsuit. But if they witnessed the negligence that led to the death of the fetus, they have cause to file for infliction of emotional shock.

If the fetus suffers an injury, and is born alive but later dies, the parents can sue for wrongful death as specified under California’s Civil Code Section 43.1.

It’s a complicated matter that only a wrongful death lawyer can untangle and clarify.

Nothing can replace the death of a loved one. But a legitimate wrongful death lawsuit can help grieving families and dependents receive financial recompense and make negligent parties accountable for their actions.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Migraine Headaches

 acupuncture treatment in EncinitasMigraine headaches are a recurring intense, throbbing or pulsing pain that typically involves one temple. Migraine headaches affect about 12% of the U.S population. Did you know the following facts about migraine headaches?

1.    Migraines are felt on only one side of the head.

Migraines headaches usually strike one side of the head. However, the pain doesn’t always stay still, and it can move from one side of the head to the other.

2.    A migraine can last for a week.

Migraine pain can last for four hours or longer. However, some headaches can last a whole week. It’s, therefore, important to seek medication or acupuncture treatment in Encinitas, CA as soon as you get an attack.

3.    Being a woman may increase your risk of getting a migraine.

Migraines affect more women than men. In fact, about 75 percent of people who get migraines are women. The only time these headaches are more frequent in men is when they are pre-puberty.

4.    Some people feel an oncoming migraine 1 or 2 days before it starts.

40 to 60 percent of migraine headaches are preceded by warning symptoms that can last hours to days. For most people, the pain begins as a dull ache and takes 1 to 2 hours to develop into a full-blown headache. Some people report feeling an oncoming migraine attack 1 to 2 days before it starts.

5.    A migraine can give people a 1 to two days hangover.

People often feel drained or fatigued after a migraine. They may also feel nauseated and have muscle tension. These are symptoms of what doctors call the “migraine hangover.” The hangover can last 1 to 2 days past the initial migraine pain.

6.    Migraines typically get fewer and milder with age.

Migraines often peak when people are between 35 to 40 years. The pain then usually tapers off and weakens after this age. However, women going through perimenopause may still get hormone-triggered migraines at this stage.

An estimated 38 million Americans regularly get migraines. Fortunately, there are options for pain relief if you get a migraine attack. Studies have shown that acupuncture in Encinitas Ca effectively help to ease migraines and other headaches.


Quick-Release or Slow-Release Fertilizer: Which is Better?

Using plant fertlizerNot all types of fertilizers are the same. While they can help your grass grow, some types may do more damage than good. This makes it even more important to know their differences or the types of nitrogen sources contained in the product you use.

Quick-Release Fertilizers

With these, plants get immediate access to nutrients. When applied and dissolved in water, the water-soluble nitrogen becomes accessible to grass. As quick-release fertilizers make nutrients rapidly available, they promote fast greening and shoot growth.

Greenside Landscaping and other Salt Lake City lawn fertilization experts note that the downside is they harm the soil through nitrate leaching. This could also mean that more fertilizer is wasted by running off into waterways and streams. They can also burn the grass when over-applied and only last for about two to four weeks.

Slow-Release Fertilizers

The best thing about these fertilizers is that they help grass grow uniformly. They can also last longer about six to eight weeks or even longer, which means that you don’t need to apply them frequently. They may release nutrients slowly, but they allow the grass to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

The major drawback, of course, is the price. This is because they’re more costly than quick-release fertilizers. Lawn care experts, however, encourage the use slow-release fertilizers if you want healthy grass. There are two types to choose from:

  • Organic – This contains water-soluble nitrogen. In most cases, they take more time to release nutrients. It works well on moist soil, which should also be warm enough to encourage organism activity.
  • Coated or Slowly Soluble – This often comes in the form of pellets and rely on soil moisture when releasing nutrients. Some coated fertilizers may also last for up to one year, resulting in fewer applications.

Slow-release or natural organic fertilizers are mostly recommended by lawn care professionals. It’s also important to remember to fertilize moderately, as an over-fertilized turf invites lawn problems. You can also benefit from getting expert help when fertilizing your lawn.

Never too Early: Here’s How to Start Writing Your Own Will

Estate Planner in QueenslandRecords from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission show that 50% of people die without a will. A study conducted by researchers from The University of Queensland, moreover, reveals that a majority of the younger population is apprehensive about writing their wills.

There’s no reason to put off writing a will. Creating one will eliminate future problems, including delegating your assets, or nominating guardians for your dependants.

Before you get in touch with lawyers from Rapid Legal Solutions for help with crafting your will, it pays to know the basics of writing one. Here are some things you need to know before you start writing your will:

  1. Choose key players well.

In finding the witness and executor, tap the person with the least to inherit, and someone who will most probably outlive you, respectively.

To prevent entitlement feuding, it also pays to sit your relatives down and seek their input. Bruce Cameron, an estate planner, says it doesn’t hurt to know early on if there is a member of your family who wishes to have grandma’s fine china or your garden gnome collection.

If any of the heirs are unwilling to claim their assets or suddenly become unavailable, also indicate where the inheritance should go. This is in case any of your beneficiaries “predecease” you, or if one of the charities ceases operations.

  1. Be explicit.

Instead of identifying heirs by their names alone, it pays to include other identification details, such as their relationship to you and birth address. Similarly, do not refer to your home using the address alone. It pays to include legal descriptions on the deed.

If you intend to leave a person out, say, a sibling you haven’t seen in 10 years, state it in your will as well. Clearly indicate: “I do not leave anything to my sibling, “X,” and this is intentional.” This leaves no room for disenfranchised family and friends, too.

There is no “right time” to write your will, as you can always revise its contents. Leaving a will can help you make sure your hard-earned assets go only to people you value most.

Wedding Edition: Splurge or Save?

Wedding in SingaporeWeddings are always a grand affair, even if you want things to be intimate. Whatever happens, you are going to end spending quite a lot even for a limited number of guests.

Most couples are on a tight budget. If you’re not, then lucky you. But for the couples who need a little advice on which areas are the best to spend on, the experts are happy to help.

Here are some pieces of advice when it comes to wedding spending:

1. Leave the cake for last.

Who remembers the cake anyway, right? The best Malay wedding packages can give you a great price for a beautiful cake. Don’t be tempted to spend on an immense baked good — you can just get something small but exquisitely decorated.

2. Fly people in.

If some of your close friends and relatives can’t make it, then consider offering to pay for fare or accommodations. After all, the whole event revolves around the happiness you have and the happiness of the people around you. Try to help them out if they really want to come to your event.

3. Food should be fabulous.

You don’t want people making faces or leaving plates full of food at your wedding. Everyone’s mood can turn quite sour when they find that they can’t eat anything at your party. Taste test everything that the Malay wedding packages organiser lets you try so you can decide what you think your guests will like.

4. Choose stunning dresses for your bridesmaids.

Instead of having fittings and making everyone wear the same dress, why not buy the fabric instead? Consider it their gift to you that they have their own dresses made with the cloth, so they can get themselves something flattering.

The closer you get to your wedding date, the more mistakes you make with planning. Being extra careful can save you a lot of money and stress on your day. Don’t forget to always consult the experts.

Avoid Massive Losses: Secure Your Business Premises from Burglars

Burglar Breaking In
A burglary at your place of business could have you at a distinct disadvantage and leave you nursing huge losses. The article highlights some of the most efficient ways to keep your premises safe and secure.

A burglary can mean the difference between the success of your business and go broke. Tough economic times mean that you need to avoid any situations that can have you at a disadvantage. Keeping burglars and unauthorized personnel off your premises is a great place to start.

Keep it well lit

Many of the burglaries in the commercial setup happen during the night when there is a significant dip in human activity. Poorly lit buildings and storage facilities act as thief magnets as the darkness cloaks all activities. Keeping your premises well lit at night serves as a deterrent measure. Just be sure to place the lighting fixtures in a manner that eliminates all dark areas. Additionally, inspect your premises on a regular basis and replace any bulbs that burn out.

Eliminate all sources of cover

In addition to securing your premises with a durable industrial aluminum fence, you need to clear the grounds around your premises. Overgrown thickets and shrubbery provide excellent protection to anyone seeking to break into the premises. Trim any bushes and trees within the compound to lower the chance of someone taking refuge in them. Be sure to avoid having trees and thickets next to the windows and doors. Thieves can climb over a packed car or a tree to gain access to the upper levels of your premises.

Invest in an alarm system

Security systems come in different types and sizes to fit all budgets. If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for a simple system that can alert you in the case of an invasion. Burglars often avoid premises secured with an alarm system as it can draw attention to their activity. On the other hand, you can splurge on a complex system that includes video surveillance and motion sensors if you have the budget for it.

Keeping burglar out of business premises is a top priority for many people as it bears a considerable influence on business success. Fortunately, you have many options to secure your premises and avoid massive losses.

Creating a Unique and Work-Conducive Office Floor Plan

Office DesignBuilding an office from the ground up entitles you to a lot of freedom. It also means you are responsible for the comfort of everyone that works on that floor. Here are some important design principles to help keep your workers comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Luxury – A unique quality of the office is its professional and attractive visuals. Any office that wants to look and feel professional will choose a design that makes people feel like they’re sitting on an investment and not a cost. Bishop Interiors added to find yourself the right furniture manufacturer that can custom-made elegance and class for your office furniture and you’re all set.

Quality – Sometimes, there are pieces of furniture or office design choices that are simply for show. If you have the power to put in or take out anything in the construction, choose quality over appearances and price. After all, your workplace should reflect the kind of business you run while keeping your staff efficient and contented.

Efficiency – Are the tables, partitions, and doors all aligned to create ease of navigation? Imagine going through a well-made website that shows you everything you need on the first page and use that idea to make your creations more cost- and work-efficient. Check on your company’s workflow and use it to map out your office floor plan.

Comfort – Long hours of hard work will tire about anyone. Choose furniture, colours, lights, and flooring that allow maximum comfort in a high anxiety environment. A business is serious enough as it is, so including restful elements are essential. Allow space for your people to relax and think in silence. Let them interact with others without disrupting the flow of everyone else’s productivity.

Office designs and plans do focus on different yet compatible principles. Apply these above-mentioned design principles and you can make your overall workspace much more conducive to your business activities. With these in mind, you’re sure to make everyone benefit from your creative input.

The Importance of Mentorship in Your Paralegal Education

Mentor in Legal Studies The system of mentorship has always been there since the time of ancient philosophers. One man passed down his knowledge to his student, and it’s always been like that. Whether it’s an official guidance or just words from someone who knows his craft well, there’s nothing like being able to pick an expert’s brain.

In the legal field, even in paralegal training, a mentor is an invaluable addition to your education. There is only so much that you can learn in the journals and the manuals available to you. Some of it will, and has, to come from a person with experience. Anyone with a job will tell you that school won’t prepare you for everything, especially with the practical stuff that you’ll only encounter on the job.

Something Informal

It’s rare that a mentorship will be a formal affair. The very nature of teaching a person what the school will won’t make it a little more informal, more personal. Mentoring in paralegal is especially important because you’ll learn how it actually is on the job. Whether they’ll curtail your expectations or set a new point of view, their input in your development is still important.

Furthermore, it’s also about honing your skills and priorities. As most paralegals end up specializing in one practice area, it’s important to settle on that expertise early on. You must prioritize the legal field that really interests you because your mentorship will have a long-term effect. What you focus on now will be your niche, and in paralegal training, this kind of tunnel vision is beneficial.

On the other hand, mentorship is a two-way relationship. As a student, you get practical knowledge about the job; for teachers, the delight of seeing someone grow from their guidance is as rewarding as well. In most cases, there are no obligations, but it’s always sweeter to cap a mentorship with a flourishing finish.

The Toughening

There’s no telling where you’ll end up as a paralegal. You may find employment with solo practitioners or big law firms, and there’s a drawback to each option. Paralegals for solo practitioners have no one to ask, while in big firms, they usually require their paralegals to make a running start. This is another benefit of mentorship, which aside from your formal education, you get the hang of paralegal work early on.

You’re still a diamond in the rough as a paralegal student. Polishing your talent isn’t just about reading books, it’s also about having the right guidance.

4 Types of White Collar Crimes in the Business World

Background Checks As an employer, the safety of your employees when on the job is your responsibility. This means that you need to provide them with a safe working environment that is just beyond physical space. By subjecting job applicants to a national police check in Northern Territory, Australia such as Fast Police Checks, you are adding a layer of security for your employees. You are also ensuring that you are getting the right people for the right job. Otherwise, there are many issues you are come across such as theft, bribery and more. Here are some of the top finance-related inside jobs that happen within organisations.

  1. Blackmail

Corporate blackmail can involve more than just financial issues. A supervisor can directly coerce a subordinate into doing illegal activities. Blackmail can also be used to shun someone into silence. There are also cases when external players blackmail someone inside the company for sensitive information that could hurt the business, employees and the customers.

  1. Bank Fraud

In 2016, the staff of Commonwealth Bank in Australia were found to be allegedly involved in a Ponzi scheme to the tune of $76 million. According to the investigations, the staff were believed to have received “secret commissions” for their involvement in the scheme that lasted nearly five years.

  1. Bribery

In the US, 2016 was a record-breaking year for corruption cases against corporations. Bribery cases include the exchange of money, goods and services used in exchange to influence a business decision.

  1. Computer Fraud

Stolen data is not uncommon, especially in recent years wherein massive digitisation of files have taken place. In 2016, Yahoo said hackers were able to steal data from approximately 500 million back in 2014. On a smaller scale, hackers can blackmail employees to perform inside jobs to take valuable data from the company as a form of corporate espionage.

Protect Your Business And Employees

These are just four examples of the many white collar crimes that can be committed by your people if you don’t perform background checks. Embezzlement is another white collar crime that is making rounds in the business world. There are also physical crimes that can be committed if job applicants do not go through police checks for possible past crimes.


A Realtor’s Secret: 3 Ways They Attract Single Home Buyers

Single Home Buyer in North ShoreIn the past, buying homes was often a ‘tag team’ activity. When people say they wish to buy a home, others would assume they are married or considering marriage. To others, the idea that a single person wishes to purchase a family-sized house sounds ridiculous.

Today, however, that is no longer the case.

Making your property more attractive to single people is the new business move for today’s realtors. North Shore property managers focus on enticing single individuals not just to rent, but to buy a home for their supposed future.

But how do they do it?

Focus on the Lifestyle

Single people who buy their own homes have a particular lifestyle in mind. Couples with small children often think way ahead every time they visit a site. Single people, on the other hand, focus on the lifestyle they want to have.

Get to know the buyer at a professional level, but also pay attention to their interests. If your property has a small garden and the prospective buyer has a green thumb, point out the green lifestyle.

Highlight the Neighbourhood​

Families who buy homes focus on the neighbourhood, but what about single parents?

The proximity to schools, supermarkets and parks matters to those who work. Everything should be within their reach, and a neighbourhood that promotes easy parenting wins.

Real estate agents know that convenience is key. If the property is close to transport hubs or the central business district, it becomes more attractive to prospective buyers.

Make the Property Ready for Moving in

In this millennial age, single homebuyers want to move in as fast as they can. They do not have time for major renovations. They want to buy a property that they can move into immediately. From the fresh coat of paint to the necessary features, real estate agents ensure the homeowner will have everything they need when they move.

Real estate agents want a diverse market and today, singles are dominating the search. With these tricks, they easily reel singles towards their property.