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The Three Commandments of Managing a Sales Team

Sales TeamSalespeople who consistently meet their targets share the same traits: they are powerful, positive, and authoritative. They are great problem solvers and are always striving for the best results.

While these traits help them reach their goals, they could also pose difficulties to their managers as they can get demanding, impulsive and unrealistic when it comes to setting expectations. When attempting to reach their target, they may compromise their attention to detail as well.

Here are three essential things to keep in mind when managing a sales team:

1. Get rid of the rules

Generally, salespeople want the freedom to do their own thing. Telling them what to do will likely get them to channel their creativity towards finding their way around your rules. You can help them become more successful by lessening restrictions and giving them more autonomy over their projects.

2. Ask, don’t order

Instead of ordering your high performers around, ask them what they are likely to do when faced with a certain situation. Be a good coach – let them own the situation and create their own solutions to the problem at hand. However, you still need to be ready to discuss with them possible ways to tackle the issue.

3. Motivate them well

Ask your team about the things that are important to them, and let this serve as their motivation. Letting them do the things they do best, moreover, can help them gain confidence in their skills. If, for instance, you have an employee who can write substantive proposals, but can use a bit of help selling, let them write.

Furthermore, managers can seek the help of companies like SalesFix in finding a platform that monitors salesforce implementation. This method can help streamline the team’s current processes, so members can focus on enriching their core skills.

Don’t forget, of course, to recognise the efforts of your team. With top-performing salespeople, it isn’t always money that drives them into performing better; sometimes, it’s the respect and recognition you give them for their hard work.

Sowing the Seeds for Success: Establishing Your Business in New Zealand

business start-up
New Zealand has the reputation for being a country that welcomes new businesses with open arms. This does not, however, mean you can carelessly dive into just any venture.

Know What You Need

Most of the paperwork you need to register your business is available online. This means you can easily review, prepare and submit the necessary materials to get your business off the ground. Remember: that the country will welcome you with open arms doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be lax with your papers.

When it comes to anything that involves money, it’s best to get some professional help. Work with the right financial advisors, such as Accounting North Ltd.

Read the Fine Print

You can easily complete all your official documents within hours but before turning anything in, read everything. Not just twice, which is what most folk would recommend. Go over everything at least three times to make sure you understand everything correctly. And if you have any questions, make sure to ask. No one ever gets in trouble for requesting clarification, but you can definitely get in over your head if you don’t.

Choose Your Structure

As in other countries, you have to choose the structure that is appropriate for your business. Most small business owners start out as sole traders. This means they need to be on top of everything related to the business, top to bottom. A partnership is similar to being a sole trader in that each partner is equally responsible for maintaining the business, including sharing the profits and liabilities the business may get into. Because of this, partnership agreements should be well thought-out to easily handle future changes and possible conflicts.

Limited liability companies are a favourite among many business owners. An LLC separates the personal assets of the owners from their business ones and vice versa. These types of companies are registered through the Companies Office.

Know Your Core

It’s not enough to have the guts to go into business. You must also surround yourself with the necessary support. If you are based in Auckland, have advisors on board who are familiar with the local market. This includes professionals like financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants. Hire people who understand your vision. By doing so, you can be better assured of a great start for your venture.

3 Ways to Apply for Police Security Checks

Security CheckEmployers would ask for police security checks from their applicants as part of the application requirements. The burden of securing one lies in the applicant. In some cases, employers would want to do background checks on their employees. During these times, the burden of obtaining such documents lies in the hands of the employer. Whether you are an employee or an employer, you can obtain national police checks in a number of ways.

Manual Submission

Manual submission can be done by sending the application form via post. You should download and fill out the application form (computerised or handwritten with block letters). Note that email submissions would not be entertained. You must pay through a bank cheque payable to Australian Federal Police. You may likewise use money order obtainable from Australia Post. Cash would not be accepted, so as personal and company cheques.

Online Application

You can likewise apply online by filling out the police check form, submitting the required documents and paying through credit cards (i.e. MasterCard and Visa). Fast Police Checks reminds NT applicants that the downloadable application form is not suitable for the online application.

Professional Service

Employers who want their employees checked may work with agencies that provide online police checking services. These agencies will help you run background checks and make the process easier for you. Employees who do not have the luxury of time to navigate through the online application process may also use this service.

Obtaining police checks should be easy if you have all the information and requirements. To know more about the application process, you may visit the website of the Australian Federal Police or consult with the agency of your choice.

Light and Bright: Using Glass to Its Fullest Potential


Glass is one of the many interesting materials available to man. It can be as glass materials for homes sturdy or as delicate as needed and can come in a wide range of colours. In addition, glass can take on many different forms and textures.

But Why Glass?

Versatility is the primary factor why glass is so attractive. Among its best functions is it allows you to control the amount of light that passes through. This means any room in the house can be given direct, reflected, or refracted light, reducing the need for artificial lighting, especially during the day. It is also easy to clean and highly stain-resistant.

Glass in Architecture

Architectural features like skylights, windows, and doors can all incorporate the use of glass. All of these items contain glass that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of snow in winter or branches that may fall during storms. Other uses for glass in your Auckland home include balustrades, walls, and even floors. All these uses involve allowing light to filter into the home and create an illusion of space.

When using glass for architecture, make sure to check that your supplier complies with the latest safety standards. This is particularly true for glass balustrades. The government regularly updates such safety requirements. Each supplier, from Auckland to Dunedin, should comply.

Glass in Interior Decoration

A little less stringent are the rules for using glass as a purely decorative feature. There are many decorative uses for glass, from light fixtures to mirrors, and an array of materials for storage and organisation. Some furniture suppliers may also provide glass furniture. 

Beyond coffee tables, some might even have other furnishings like chairs and buffets. These are not made entirely of glass, but may have large panels of glass fittings. When using these, you may want to consider extra safety features like bumpers and corner guards, especially if there are children at home.

As glass is so versatile, make sure you have a clear picture of your desired aesthetic. If you are unsure of how to incorporate it into your décor, try consulting a professional.

Study Without Paper – Learning with Tablets and Laptops

Online Paralegal Courses

Online Paralegal CoursesWith more digital learning experiences in the classroom, paper use is becoming unnecessary. For many people, it is still harder to study using digital screens instead of trusty old paper sheets.

Adapt to the modern times and save on printing costs. Here are pointers that will help you transition into this new age of learning:

Tweak the Display

You will be staring at that digital screen for a long time. This is particularly true for students of online paralegal schools where the reading material can come in heaps. Tweak it a bit so that it’s neither too bright nor too dark. If you want it to be extra kind to the eyes, there are apps and programs that can reduce blue light emissions.

Study Offline

Although the internet is an invaluable resource, it can be distracting. Once you have all necessary files stored locally, disconnect from the Wi-Fi. The next time you try to sneak in a little social media during study time, an error page will shock you back to work.

Let Your Eyes Rest

Many people hate studying through digital screens because of eye stress. The best way to go about this is letting the gazers rest. Every 20 minutes, stare at a distant object for 30 seconds or more. Also, take breaks. If you need to do work outside of the computer, insert them every hour or so during your screen time.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones make sure everyone has a digital screen within arm’s reach. This makes life easier for many, and for students, it’s now cheaper and easier to access a wealth of information. Going paperless can be challenging, but with practice, it can result in a less cluttered (and more affordable!) study habit. 

Property Management: Top 3 Common Problems and What You Can Do

property management
An investment property can provide you with good, recurring income. But mismanagement can taint the financial security it offers. Focus on the most common problems you’ll encounter with your property, and resolve the issues before they endanger your profits.

Here are three common problems in property management, and their corresponding fixes.

1. Poor Tenant Screening

A wide range of problems can come from bad tenants. One, delinquent payment of rent. Two, damaging property. And three, illegal subletting.

A complete tenant screening process can eliminate risky renters. Do a background check, from the individual’s tenant history to credit score, and get reliable references.

2. Failing to Inspect the Property

The most successful management of properties will involve a thorough and regular inspection. Inspections prevent costly repair issues. They also ensure the comfort and safety of your tenants.

In addition to inspections, you’ll also need to implement a preventive maintenance program. Keep your building’s systems, from the security system to the HVAC system, in good condition and you don’t have to worry about complaints, accidents, and expensive repairs.

3. Saving Money by Hiring Bad Services

You may think you’re saving money with an inexperienced plumbing company or painting service. But when these services do a bad job, you end up spending more. Add the stress that comes from shoddy repair jobs and the savings from a cheap hire will not matter.

Whether it’s a simple repair job or a renovation, always go with vetted, experienced contractors. You may spend more, but the quality of their work will pay off in the maintenance of your rental property.

Property management can save you a lot of headaches, not to mention money. With a systematic approach to the upkeep of your apartment building or commercial complex, you can avoid problem tenants and get rent on time. Overall, you secure the recurring income you anticipate from the investment property.

How Much Does it Cost for a Person’s Education in Dubai?

Education System In DubaiEducation is priceless, but if we must put a price tag to it, then we might as well calculate how much it takes to attend school for a lifetime.

In Dubai, those who plan on building a family should consider the lifetime costs of sending children to school. According to estimates by Zurich Life, each person will require roughly a million of dirhams to cover school-related expenses.

The data covered tuition fees from different schools in the UAE as one factor for determining the costs for a child’s education. These estimates analysed information within 14 years of studying and are based on current costs that excluded compound interest rates. Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai noted that this includes primary schools in Dubai.

Value of Education

Amrita Sethi, head of marketing and communications for Zurich International Life-Middle East, said that families should start allocating a significant part of their financial resources to education. There are employers in the UAE that provide stipends for expenses in primary and secondary schools, but most people still cover a huge part of the costs themselves, according to Sethi.

For university-level education, 70% of parents rely on their daily income to support costs for their child, based on an HSBC research, Sethi noted.

While school expenses in Dubai and other parts of the UAE seem to be getting higher, so does the level of foreign investments, according to a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Economic Indicators

As part of the UAE’s push to become one of the best countries in the world, it plans to use education as one catalyst to achieve this.

The UNCTAD’s annual report said that foreign cumulative investment in the country rose to US$111 billion in 2015 from more than US$100 billion in 2014. The report used several economic indicators that provide a glimpse of UAE’s competitiveness in different areas including primary education, higher education, infrastructure and economy.

The knowledge you gained through education, no matter how much you spend, is a treasure that you’ll benefit from until you get old. Don’t underestimate the power of a good school.

HUD Housing Programs Every Landlord Should Know

home loan programs
It is in the interest of every investor and landlord to be familiar with the housing programs offered by the HUD. There are basically three programs available for those who want to maximize earnings while staying compliant and ensuring good relationships with tenants.

Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing Programs

It is the responsibility of the HUD to enforce the Fair Housing Act that was passed in 1968. Under this act, it is not legal to discriminate potential buyers and tenants based on their sex, colour, race, religion, etc. Discrimination is also illegal when offering a loan or mortgage. If there is discrimination, then you can request the HUD to investigate the matter. Landlords should adhere to all the regulations specified under this act when getting a mortgage and while selling or renting out their property.

Section 8 Housing

HUD also funds Section 8 Housing or Housing Choice Voucher program. This program offers senior, disabled individuals, and low income tenants with rental vouchers at subsidized costs. Once the property owners accept this type of program, they can rent out their homes. Potential tenants can use these subsidized vouchers to choose the housing of their liking. The housing under this program should meet all the safety and health codes specified by the PHA. The PHA will pay a certain amount of the rent to the landlord and the remaining amount will be paid by the tenant.

The upside for the landlords is that they will get a guaranteed rental income from the government, but the government will fix the rent as per the prevailing market rates. It is possible to get important details from Section 8 investment write-ups and industry leading agencies, such as Americas Housing Alliance LLC.

Home Programs Offered by HUD

If a Federal Housing Authority mortgage is defaulted, the HUD forecloses the homes and offers them for sale to occupants, if they are owners. If there are no takers, then investors can bid for the properties after a ten-day period. These houses are very affordable as they come at discounted costs.

The aim of all these programs is to safeguard the right of all Americans so that they live safely in houses that are built to standards. Talk to a reputable mortgage provider to learn more about your options and find the program that suits you best.

Web Design: Biggest Advantages of SVGs Over Other Formats

web design elements
Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) have been around for a while now, but they’ve been extremely underutilized for the longest time. But not for long.

As of late, the use of SVGs has finally taken off. These two-dimensional vector graphics are shaping to be the future of web design, taking the place of conventional formats, like GIF, PNG, and JPEG. Static or animated, SVG applications continue to increase in number.

Why is SVG suddenly a big deal now? Here are some of the reasons:

Flexible on All Screens

The biggest edge of SVGs over their counterparts is their ability to scale without compromising their quality. Designed as vectors on a coordinate system, they don’t comprise a fixed set of dots. Therefore, they’re not subject to pixilation adjustments.

Considering that responsiveness to different screen sizes is a key attribute of user-friendly websites these days, SVGs can resize to suit any device. Any expert in Chicago, San Diego, and Denver web design knows that SVG is going to be the new standard. In fact, its popularity would maintain its upward trend. In fact, many industry authorities predict that more websites would feature resolution-independent images.

Compatible with Major Browsers

As most browsers don’t support it when it was first introduced, there’s no wonder this technology was hardly used for over a decade. But the winds of change have now turned SVGs into the image format of choice for websites. Plus, SVGs require no HTTP requests, which can turn your pages sluggish.

Friendly to SEO

SVGs are searchable. Using text labels and descriptions thoughtfully, all of your 2D graphics on your pages would be SEO-friendly. Although you don’t intentionally try to drive traffic through your images, SVGs can help you be found on Google.

From designing icons to making animations, SVGs are the secret to creating stunning and versatile graphics. As the world is becoming more fastidious about digital content, SVGs would make your website visually superior.

It’s Almost Spring! Here Are Three Child-Friendly Activities to Do in Utah

activities to do in Utah
Although its landscape creates slight differences in climate across the state, overall, spring is beautiful in Utah. If that is not enough good news, it is spring break, which means your kids can spend more time outdoors and enjoy the following activities:

1. Heritage Lessons

Studies show children learn faster with visual cues and experience. Thus, if you want to teach them history, enroll them in a spring break camp at Natural History Museum or see the oldest railroad stations and mansions in Logan. You can also take a quick holiday to Capitol Reef Park and let them learn about Utah’s earliest civilizations.

2. Nature

You do not have to travel up the mountains to let your children commune with nature. Tracy Aviary is teeming with child-friendly activities such as a nose-to-beak meet and greet with feathered pals, lessons on bird migration, and arts and crafts. Each camp lasts for only one day, so kids are not stressed out.

At home, you can start tending your garden after it has been winterized. In fact, spring in Utah is one of the best times to start paying attention to your lawn. While you’re tending your yard, use the time to teach your kids a thing or two about gardening like the importance of lawn fertilization or container gardening.

3. Reading

Reading is one of the best ways to prepare your kids for their future, and a practical place to do that is the public library. But before you say “It is boring!” Utah libraries these days have already prepared a long list of activities for toddlers to graders. These include crafting, playtime, art workshops, storytelling, and even community exploration. Best of all, most of them are free!

What are you waiting for? Sit down with your children, talk your spring schedules, and present them these amazing activities. Share the excitement with them.