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The Right Type of Roof For Rainwater Collection

House Roof in Tauranga

House Roof in TaurangaRainy season is underway, and you can’t just let all that water from heaven go to waste. Rainwater collection is fast becoming a commodity nowadays. In fact, people have been collecting rainwater for thousands of  years, but it’s only now beginning to inspire the establishment of an industry.

Here’s the deal, however. Collecting rainwater and making sure it’s fit for home use isn’t as straightforward as it seems. First, you have to choose the right type of roof. If you’re looking to collect useful rainwater, local roofing contractors like Kiwispout NZ LTD are your allies.

Why Do You Need the Right Roof?

A study by the Cockrell School of Engineering and the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) claims that not all roofs are equal, especially in terms of rainwater collection. The study tested multiple roofing types in this aspect and checked for pollutants  – contaminants like nitrates and nitrites, dissolved organic carbon, and various types of microbes.

Here’s the deal: these pollutants are quite harmless on their own. But, if you put chlorine in the water (something that’s used to purify said water), they become dangerous. Rainwater that’s collected from asphalt shingle roofs contained high levels of dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Chlorinated, DOC-filled water can have long-term health effects because of byproducts known as trihalomethanes. These are considered carcinogens.

Shingles are among the least popular roofing materials. Copper, zinc, lead, chromium and even arsenic are among the harmful substances suspected of leaching out of shingles. A lot of people recommend avoiding materials that are treated to prevent moss growth. This is because the treatment causes the material sheds copper. Flashing made from copper lead is also big no-no.

Rainwater is the cleanest type of water on earth. It’s because the process of freezing (condensation) or heating (evaporation) gets rid the microbes in the water. The challenge with collecting rainwater is keeping it safe for general consumption. It all starts with the first material that the water hits after it falls down from the sky. 

Tips to Cut Your Home Heating bills

Reducing Your Home Heating Bills in Salt Lake CityKeeping warm during the winter months helps to keep you and your loved ones away from the risk of colds, flu, or other serious health conditions such as pneumonia, heart attacks, and strokes. The chances of these problems are higher during the very cold seasons and if you are vulnerable to cold-related infections. Heating our houses is the best way to increase the temperature in your house to make it very comfortable. However, house heating has led to the rise of energy cost and the cost of living in general, requiring more of your pennies. 

Right here in Salt Lake City, you can consult notable furnace repair professionals for tips on cutting down your house heating cost. But to get you started, here are some ideas. 

Use the sun to your advantage

Despite the cold temperatures outside, the rays from the sun still bring some heat into your house. They are free and you need to take advantage of them, the added heat will reduce how much your furnace needs to run. Always keep your curtain windows open during the day, especially on the side where you get more direct sunlight. Trim tree branches and shrubs close to the windows that might block the sunlight to maximize gains.

Seal air leakages in your house

Worn out air leak seals around the doors and windows creates drafts and lets in cold air. These leakages are responsible for a huge percentage of home’s heat loss. These leakages often prompt you to turn up your furnace to maintain your house warm and comfy; these incur your heating cost.

Stop heating unused rooms

Close the heating vents in the rooms that you do not regularly use. Ensure their doors are well locked to prevent the escape of heat into them. This will help you in cutting down your bills.

Heating your home is crucial to you and your family’s well-being, but heating up and saving the cost is great.

Three Best Presents for Your 18-Year-Old Daughter

Woman With GiftEighteen is generally accepted as the age when adulthood begins. Your daughter is no longer a little girl; she's a woman now. In addition to finally getting more freedom to do as she pleases, she is also gaining more responsibilities because she is expected to be able to handle them now. At any rate, 18 calls for some kind of special celebration. Here are three of the best presents you can give her to celebrate her birthday.

A Big Birthday Bash

All around the world, people appreciate a good birthday celebration at least on their 18th. This is a time for your young adult to celebrate with friends and family at home or at a special venue, complete with a programme and a band or a DJ. According to Events Architects Pte. Ltd., it can be a headache to put this together, though, so it would be wise to hire an event organiser in Singapore to make the party problem-free and extra fun. There's nothing like watching your 18-year-old having fun as she blooms into womanhood.

Her Own Car

Time for her to get out of that old Subaru that used to be your family car, and into her very own wheels. It doesn't have to be a BMW X5—she can work for a luxury vehicle if she wants one—it just has to be the first car she truly owns. It can even be a simple car like a Toyota Corolla and she'd still be overjoyed not to be driving around in fifteen-year-old mum mobile. A car is not a luxurious gift; you're just helping her get started as she begins a life of independence and responsibility.

A Place of Her Own

Put the first few payments on an apartment or condo and let her work for the rest when she's ready. It gives her a tremendous amount of responsibility, but this will prepare her for life. She may realise the importance of studying well and getting a good-paying job or even starting her own business because now she has bills to pay.

Whatever you give her on her 18th birthday, make sure your daughter understands the responsibility and accountability that comes with adulthood. Life is not an everyday party or a fun road trip all the time.

PR Pointers: Public Relations and Why Your Company Needs It

Public Relations

Public RelationsPublic relations are a unique branch of business with certain affinities to marketing and promotions. They have a unique set of skills and responsibilities that can help their client’s company grow and remain sustainable. Here are some of their basic services:

Speak for Yourself – When your company needs to make an official statement, such as big announcements regarding issues or major successes that are worth noting, you will need someone to speak on your behalf. Public relations often communicate the opinions and reactions of upper management, filtering potentially incendiary statements and turning them into acceptable replies to pressing questions.

Testing the Waters – PR is responsible for releasing new products to the public. They plan events, hire celebrities and personalities for endorsement, and generate enough buzz to make the crowds flock to your grand opening. Sphere and other Melbourne PR agencies noted that there are different ways of using the Internet to reach a crowd that’s suited for your company’s products and services.

Preventive Measures – Business isn’t always about positivity. Sometimes budget cuts, misuse of power, or low sales happen to the best of companies. When any of this happens to your company, the best of intentions can’t always keep everyone’s chin up. With good PR and a strong line of communication, however, damage control is possible with the least amount of dissatisfaction as possible.

Trouble Shooting – When issues arise within the company, you can’t just let it lie around and let it blow over. Internal decisions have to be made and PR will once again be the face of your company. What you show the customers and the general public can determine you your possible success. If done properly, no matter how bad things have become your company has the chance to rise from the ashes.

No matter the purpose, a PR’s business to be honest, truthful, but discrete. What they do on behalf of your company reflects not just own group’s ethics but your business’ as well. That said, make sure you choose the right one that can best represent your ideals.

Better Than Diamonds: The Rare Gemstones

Diamond RIngThe diamond might be the most popular gemstone on the planet, but it certainly is not the rarest. In fact, it can be synthesised, and it is often used as a cutting tool in high-precision applications.

Not so with the following gemstones. These are the ones you would be lucky even to see in the flesh. What are they? Read on to find out.

1. Painite

Once known as Earth’s rarest borate mineral, JewelCast Ltd says Painite might not be something your average jewellery manufacturer in the UK would sell. The first sample was discovered in the 1950s in Myanmar by Arthur C. D. Pain, a British mineralogist. Coloured red, brownish red, or orange-red, there are only a few known samples of this crystal. Fewer still are Painite fashioned into jewellery. So rare is this gemstone that up until 2005 there were only 25 of these around.

2. Alexandrite

Belonging to the same family as emeralds, Alexandrite is a gemstone you have to see from all angles to grasp just how marvellous it is. That is because your eyes would see different colours when you view a specimen from different angles, or under different light sources. Although not as rare as other gemstones in this list, it is one of the most popular and dazzling.

3. Tanzanite

A Zoisite mineral variety, Tanzanite is a blue, violet or red crystal you could mistake for a diamond. The difference – besides clarity and colour – between a carat of Tanzanite and one of a Diamond, is the price. Exclusively mined at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanite is hundreds of times rarer than diamonds and is priced accordingly.

4. Benitoite

If you liked Alexandrite’s colour tricks, you might love Benitoite. Found exclusively in San Benito River in San Benito County, California, this gemstone glows in a beautiful, ephemeral shade of blue under UV light. Although known for almost a century, what causes this stone to turn blue under special lighting remains unknown.

These four are just some of the world’s most precious minerals, much rarer, and more expensive than diamonds. You may wish to own one in a jewellery set some day; nobody is stopping you. But be aware that very few people have even seen these stones in person.

Implant Financing: 3 Ways to Finish Your Loan Wisely

Dental ImplantIn the U.K., receiving dental implant placement has never been easier on the pocket. Thanks to plenty of financing options, an average patient no longer have to settle with economical alternatives that do not last as long as implants and may potentially harm other healthy teeth.

This borrowing opportunity comes with a price, however. It requires your due diligence and self-discipline to avoid digging a deep financial hole for yourself. More often than not, poor decisions and habits lead to financial ruin.

If you are planning to apply for financing to get your much-needed dental implant, Dove Dental Care and other dental professionals recommend going through these recommendations to finish your debt ASAP and avoid paying more than you have to:

Pay Promptly

You must pay your bill on time. This may sound cliché, but many Brits do not fully realise the repercussions of having overdue payments. First, late fees add up quickly and your balance would swell before you know it. Second, late payments hurt your credit and this may haunt you in the future should you need to borrow money again.

Do Not Miss a Payment

The only thing worse than a late payment is no payment at all. Defaulting on your loan a bigger blow to your credit score. According to Experian, a default will stay on your credit report for six years from the default date. While lenders tend to focus on your recent history, a four-year-old default can sometimes still be an issue.

Target More Than Minimum

Paying only the minimum balance is convenient, but it spells a heavier financial burden the following month. It is fine if you are confident to pay for everything the next time around, but failing to do so means disaster. In addition, you might be disqualified for some discounts in you do not pay in full.

Financial plans and offerings for implants are huge relief to keep your oral health in shape. Use this opportunity to make one area of your life convenient, not ruin the others.

From veneers to full-mouth restorations – why finding a good cosmetic dentist is key to successful treatment

Perfect SmileAre you one of those people who has to retouch every selfie before you post it on Facebook? At the moment there is a trend on sites such as Facebook and Instagram for “#nofiltter” pictures – but the reality is few of us feel really comfortable to post unedited pictures.

In 2014 the British Dental Foundation carried out research into how Brits feel about their smile turned up some interesting results – did you know, for example, that 34% of men admit to retouching every selfie before they post it, compared with just 13% of women?

The same survey also shows that one in four UK adults is unhappy with their smile. Cosmetic dentistry is now available to more people than ever before, and offers the chance to create the smile you’ve so long dreamt of.

If you do an internet search for the “perfect smile” you will get a huge number of results, containing a variety of opinions and information. But the key thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits all perfect smile. Cheryl Cole, for example, is known for her gorgeous smile, but part of the reason it is so beautiful is that it fits her face perfectly.

And that is the key, when looking for a cosmetic dentist – find one who will work with you to create a smile that is as unique as you are, such as those at PDC Dental in Barnsley. Every smile is different, and whether you need one quick treatment such as porcelain veneers, or a combination of two or more treatments (invisible braces plus teeth whitening, gum reshaping plus cosmetic crowns, for example) the most important thing to remember is that your smile should look as natural as it does beautiful.

There are a number of things your dentist will take into account when creating your perfect smile. These include facial proportions, skin tone, even hair colour is some circumstances. Nobody wants a smile that looks artificial – a skilled dentist will ascertain exactly what you want to achieve before coming up with the perfect way to do just that. 

According to Science, These Physical Traits Make a Man Sexy

Man Traits What do women find sexy? It’s a question many are asking, but few are able to answer definitively. Perhaps science can shed some light on this. And, maybe, it already has. According to several studies, these are the physical traits women find sexy in a man. And, no, NSFW stuff did not make it to the list.


Hairy Bastard thinks hair is sexy, and women think so, too. And, it is not just the hair on the top of their heads.

A recent study shows that most women find the stubble incredibly sexy. Researchers find that females associate the beard with fertility, masculinity, and maturity- traits they want in a man. That is a good reason to skip the weekly shave now, is it?

Dad Bod

Surprised? The round tummy and the flab build up in your arms and legs aren’t bad, after all. The term ‘dad bod’ made waves last year, and since then, more men have adopted the body type.

According to Dr. Craig Garfield, a paediatrician at North-western University Feinberg School of Medicine, a ‘dad bod’ comes with a change in lifestyle and healthcare habits. He points out that while men are likely to quit smoking and drinking after they become fathers, they end up gaining weight because they spend more time with their children, joining them in their activities, mostly eating kid-friendly treats and sweets.

A ‘dad bod’ is also a sign of a guy that exercises and still enjoys pizza and beer. Whatever the explanation, a ‘dad bod’ isn’t as bad as you think it is. For starters, your softer, rounder bod will probably get more cuddles than usual.

Strong Jawline

While you may not be Clint Eastwood or Henry Cavill, a strong jawline is an instant boost to your appeal. A good bone structure is seen as having more testosterone, and it makes any guy seem more masculine. Are you looking at the sides of that face yet?

Science backs these traits up as sexy, but remember that sexy is up to you to define. Whatever features you may or may not have, as long as you are confident with who you are, that’s plus points to sexiness. Own it. You’re sexy.

What Young Drivers Don’t Learn but Should

Traffic Attorney in Springfield, ILDriving is a common skill. Most people learn how to drive from their parents, some from friends or other members of the family. There are also those who pay for driving lessons.

The number of people who receive their driving lessons from informal sources outnumbers those who get them from a qualified trainer. This is why most young drivers do not have defensive driving skills. The most challenging lesson they receive from their parents is probably how to parallel park. The rest they have to learn on their own.

This usually means learning a lesson the hard way. Although the number of accidents caused by inexperienced drivers has gone down, it could be smaller if more people learned the right safety techniques when they start driving.

If you're about to teach a teenager how to drive, this advice may be of some help.

Don't Stick to Optimum Driving Conditions

This means you can begin your young student's lessons in an empty parking lot on a sunny day, but don't stick to such driving conditions. When they've learned how to control the car and park it properly, take them to a busy street for the next lesson: how to maneuver in a busy area without hitting people and other cars. The next lesson may include driving on a high-speed road (how to enter the traffic on high speed, etc.).

As soon as your student satisfactorily passes such tests, take them driving at night. In fact, you can have them doing all those tests during the day and then during the night. Observe how they drive at night when there are hardly any cars on the street. Most teenagers would take this opportunity to floor the gas. Helpyour student understand how dangerous that is.

It will also helpyour teenager get better at driving if you take them practicing when it's snowing or raining.

Teach them What to Do in an Accident

Young drivers are more susceptible to mistakes that lead to a fender-bender. Teach your teen what to do in case they get involved in an accident in which they are not seriously hurt. They should remain calm and check if it's safe to get out of the car. The first thing they should do after checking if they're fine is to check if their passengers are OK, then check on the other driver to see if they are fine as well. According to Noll Law Office, they should then exchange insurance information, and then call the police, their (or your) insurance provider, and their traffic attorney in Springfield, IL (you should recommend one).

You might also like to consider teaching your teen how to troubleshoot a car if you know them to be good with their hands. Knowing how to fix a broken-down car can helpthem get out of trouble if they experience problems in a deserted area — assuming, of course, that they can't call for roadside assistance, for any reason.

Mood & Theme: Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Bride In Her GownMake your day even more special by going beyond the norms and trying something completely different. Open your mind (and heart) to some new ideas on how to celebrate the love between you and your significant other. Here are some ideas:

Setting the Mood

Flowers and decorations are important for setting the mood, but do not forget about the location of your wedding and reception. Choose your venue and make sure you have done your research. Does it have a covered area if in case it rains (for outdoor weddings)? Does it have enough parking space? How easy it is to travel from different locations?

In fact, you can go as far as holding your wedding overseas (if you have the budget). If you look thoroughly, you can find a place to hold your dream wedding without spending a fortune. Booking flights months in advance can help reduce your cost, and you can search for travel promos to get a better deal.

You could be spending your dream wedding in Singapore where you can hire Chinese, Indian, or Malay wedding planners to provide all your needs. Lagun Sari noted that it is important to hire a wedding caterer who is familiar with the dishes you want in your wedding.

Choosing a Theme

The theme is your chance to get creative. You have the power to decide every detail, but remember to choose wisely. You do not have to make it over the top, though. You can even go for a minimalist wedding if you like. It all depends on your preference.

Visit wedding expos or ask a wedding planner if you are having trouble deciding. You can likewise search for inspiration online to give you new ideas. Once you have chosen your theme, you will have an easier time deciding on other things, such as flowers, bridesmaid dresses and souvenirs.

Weddings will always be special wherever they are held. It is the love between two people that will make it beautiful after all.