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3 Most Fascinating Haifa Experiences

Bahai Gardens in HaifaThe third largest city in Israel, Haifa acts as an interesting gateway into northern Israel. The vibrant and historic city is full of museums, beaches, gardens, old colonies and historic quarters. From exploring the beautiful Bahai Gardens to enjoying a cable car ride, there’s plenty to do in north Israel’s largest metropolis.

If you think Israel has more than touring the Holy Land with your LDS tour guide, here are some alternative spots:

Cable Car Ride

Cable cars act as a convenient mode of transport as well as a tourist attraction in Haifa, as they offer spectacular views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the climb adjacent to Bat Galim Promenade, going right up to Stella Maris, Carmel Ridge’s peak. Visit the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery, known to be one of the planet’s most ancient monasteries.

Exploring Bahai Gardens

Bahai Gardens attracts more than half a million visitors annually, and with good reason. The exotic World Heritage Site features 19 stunning, terrace-style gardens that are elegantly positioned on Carmel Mountain’s slope. From strolling on the gravel pathways to enjoying striking vistas of the adjacent Haifa Bay to witnessing the splendor of the Bahai shrine structure (fusion of Eastern and European architecture), the attraction is a poetically beautiful manifestation of Turkish culture.

Haifa Beach Hopping

With a sparkling strip of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Haifa provides an enjoyable beach outing for swimmers, sunbathers, and surfers. Bat Galim has an attractive looking promenade that comes alive at sundown, with its innumerable cafes and restaurants. Dado Beach is popular for the picturesque gardens bordering it, and one of the city’s longest boardwalks.

Northern Israel’s largest city, Haifa offers an exciting blend of the old and new. From enjoyable Cable Car Rides offering striking Mediterranean views to the Romanesque Bahai Gardens to the lively beaches, Haifa is a potpourri of experiences.

Landscaping: A Better Investment than Home Remodelling

Home RemodelingWhen investing in home renovations to increase home value, homeowners usually spend a bulk of their money on major makeovers, such as bathroom and kitchen overhauls, unnecessary home additions, and new and modern appliances. Before they realise it, they are drowning in debt and are unable to fund the project until the very end.

Perhaps, that big slab of marble countertop and fine cabinetry will attract future buyers, but would that value addition really matter in the long run? Rapid Loans reports that many homeowners would take out easy personal loans to fund big renovation projects, but they urge homeowners to look outside the window, and instead, put the money on their lawn. Here’s why.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Experts say that landscaping offers over 200% return on investment if done properly. In fact, it is the only home improvement type that offers this much value increase on a home, not your marble tub, wooden parquet floors or a splash of new paint. Why?

A key element of selling a home is curb appeal, and a huge bulk of that is landscaping. It raises property value by as much as 12% and resale value by 14%, while only spending a lot less than any other home renovation project. Spending as little as 5% of your home’s value on landscaping may get an ROI of as much as 150%.

Property agents these days encourage homeowners to invest in landscaping before putting their house out on the market. If the property has well-manicured and beautifully landscaped lawn, it decreases the amount of time your home is on the market. So where does the other 50% go?

Landscaping Benefits

Not only does landscaping increase the value of your home, but it also increases your home’s energy efficiency. When planning a landscape project with your designer, don’t just focus on enhancing your home’s curb appeal and value. Design it from your own perspective, the occupant of the home, and how landscaping can benefit you and improve the quality of your life. Plant trees and shrubs based on how they can benefit your indoor environment. For instance, plan an outdoor living space that will encourage people to go out more instead of staying indoors and spending energy.

Moreover, having a landscape conducive for gardening will encourage you to grow vegetables and fruits. A rich soil, a properly installed irrigation and a little TLC will produce enough yield for the entire family throughout the year. You save much money and at the same time keep your family healthy. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting fresh and organically-grown food straight from your own garden. 

Leave Your Stuff to Trustworthy Moving Company

Trustworthy Moving Companies in DenverAfter selling your house, moving is another stressful thing that comes next. We might think it is easy to move, but it actually ruins our day. However, moving companies will be your next option in case you meet troubles in moving. If finding a mover is a glitch, there are helpful tips that can help you find the most trustworthy moving and storage company.

Movers should be open for meet-ups

If a mover prefers discussing their services over the phone, then they are not reliable. There are many fake movers online, who can offer you cheap services, but will ask you higher charges after. Movers willing to go to your house can determine the weight of your items and know what safety measures they can provide for each item.

They provide comprehensive service

If the company has professional packing service, then you found a good deal. You are assured to get a safer move. In addition, they know the best way to protect the walls, floors, furniture, and appliances from being damaged. Check out if they offer Viking range and refrigerator installations, industry experts at Light Speed Delivery, Inc. suggest. They are heavy, but with their expertise, you can bring them with you.

Trust the licensed and insured

Find out if they were approved by Public Utilities Commission and U.S Department of Transportation to make sure that they are licensed and insured. With this qualification, you won’t have worries about getting your furniture and property damaged. In case problems occur, they are professionally inclined to cater to your complaints.

Treat clients special

They know moving is stressful. So, with their warm service, you will feel like you have your own personal assistant who will do everything you ask them to do. These people can get the most painful tasks especially in carrying heavy furniture. But, they remain unaffected just to prove your items are safe and sound.

Hiring a moving company will cost you much, but it is better than getting much stress from packing to getting stuff out of the house. Research closely and hire a reliable company who has all the expertise and leave it all to them.

Consider the Common Causes of Loss of Hearing

Causes of Severe Hearing DisorderIt is important to protect your hearing ability; otherwise, it can prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. If you suspect that your hearing isn’t as spry as before, get a test for hearing loss done to evaluate whether or not you are suffering from deafness. If diagnosed at an early stage, severe loss of hearing or acute hearing disorder can be prevented.

Anyone who cannot hear sounds between 79 to 80 dB is considered to be suffering from severe hearing loss. Some of the reasons behind acute hearing disorders are as follows:

  • Loud sound: Most cases of acute loss of hearing are induced due to exposure to loud sounds like gunshot or explosion. Even prolonged exposure to reasonably loud sounds experienced by factory workers, carpenters, and airport personnel can lead to severe loss of hearing.
  • Infection: Sometimes adults suffer from severe ear infections and if not treated on time it can cause severe hearing loss and even deafness. Patients may even require hearing aids to assist them. Hence, in the case of ear infection is it best to have an otolaryngologist or a hearing aid shop like The Hearing Care Shop test you for hearing loss.
  • Drugs: Sometimes medications like chemotherapy or steroids can lead to loss of hearing as well. However, medication induced loss of hearing can sometimes be reversed with powerful hearing aids.
  • Clogging of the ear passage due to ear wax accumulation: You should ensure that your ear passage is clean and free of earwax. Accumulation of earwax too can lead to infection and consequently, loss of hearing.

Hence, it can now be concluded that with proper diagnosis and early detection of the problem severe loss or hearing can be prevented.

Prevent a Major Mishap: Adhere to API 653 Standard

Storage Tanks Maintenance In case of fertilizer or any massive chemical storage tanks, the API 653 standard can be applied. The API 653 standard is a set of rules and regulations based on which the maintenance of underground fertilizer storage tanks are maintained. However, the purview of this particular standard has been increased.

According to Heartland Tank Services, the API 653 standard can now be used as a parameter to evaluate the condition of petrol tanks or chemical storage units that are both on the surface or underground.

What Are Evaluated Under API 653 Standard?

This particular standard can be applied to various sections of the storage tanks and some of them are as follows:

  • Evaluate the corrosion of the tank: Regular storage of chemicals in a tank will corrode its interior. However, minor corrosion cannot be a cause to change the tanks as these storage units are massive structures. Hence, the corrosion that the tank has suffered will be evaluated against the set parameters and accordingly repairs need to be carried out.
  • The possibility of leaks: The tanks have to be checked thoroughly to prevent any leakages. The given standard act as a benchmark against with the level of corrosion of the pipes and joints are evaluated. Based on the assessment the repair works are carried out. Otherwise, leakage of chemicals can become an environmental disaster.
  • Maintain the given operating procedures: There are standard operating procedures that need to be adhered to while using the tanks. The capacity of the tank, its material and the surroundings of the storage units are all evaluated while setting up the standard operating procedures. These too are covered in the API 653 standard regulation.

So while operating a chemical storage tank ensure that the rules are followed strictly and carry out regular inspection of the storage units.


On Getting Job Recruitment Security: The Process of Correct Hiring

Getting a JobHiring the right personnel is one of the hardest things every company goes through. Depending on how well the Human Resource (HR) Department screened the applicants, it can mean good or bad for the company.

But, if you’ve ever experienced a turnover, you know that hiring a good fit is a rare thing.

Most of the time, companies make the fault of hiring what just felt right and not what’s actually good. That’s why, at times like this, it pays to have some sort of guide to get the company through a tough break.

Below, Legal Labs shares some helpful ideas about the correct process of hiring:

Know the Real Job Description

One of the most overlooked pitfalls of hiring comes from not knowing what a particular post really does. The best way to avoid this is to become very precise when posting job ads. If what your company wants is someone who can work multiple jobs, it should clearly say so in the ads. By doing this, only those confident enough will apply.

Always Be Clear With the Career Path Opportunities

Nobody wants to get stuck in doing something. Before sending out multiple ads, make a reasonable promise to the prospecting applicants about what they can expect. Always be transparent from the salary range and job description. By doing this, the company is already showing good faith — and it’s an important factor in employee satisfaction.

Pick the Appropriate Testing Method

There can be a thousand ways to test if the person fits the job well, but ultimately, no one will know if it will work out. That’s why the hiring managers should identify the correct terms for testing an applicant’s compatibility to the firm, be it a matter of core values, technical skills, or potential worth.

Assess, Train, and Review

When the company already made its pick, it’s now time to do the qualitative aspect. After each successful hire, every employee will be under assessment. During this period, it is the job of the managers and supervisors to honestly determine if the person fits the job well. As a rule of thumb, if a particular employee doesn’t feel right, be upfront about the regularization terms.

The hiring process involves careful considerations to work correctly. More than the experience and skills, it’s important to consider if somebody fits or not.

3 Things to Look for in a Primary School

Choosing a Primary SchoolChoosing the right primary school to send your little children to is important to make sure that they learn as much as they can. Their first years in school are really important because this is the time when they gain knowledge and develop skills they need for the future. If they don’t learn efficiently, this time, they may have a hard time learning as they grow older. Here are some things you should look for in a primary school before choosing one.

The Best Curriculum

The curriculum that the primary school is using is important because this is the learning model that your children will experience. If the curriculum is too basic, your kids may not learn enough. If it is too difficult, your kids may look at school as a hardship more than a great opportunity. The owner or principal of the school should be able to explain their curriculum and how it helps optimize how the students learn.

The Best Learning Methods

No matter how efficient the curriculum is, it won’t matter if the school doesn’t know how to use different learning methods for the kids to find it interesting. Traditional teaching methods are great, but adding some alternative and creative learning methods will make it even better. This way, your children will learn in a dynamic and engaging way. Different and effective learning methods will make them want to study and learn more.

The Best Staff

The school should hire only the best teachers with the right credentials and professional experience to effectively teach students. This gives parents peace of mind about their children’s education. Apart from the faculty, the school should also have a cleaning crew that provides janitorial services in San Diego to keep the school clean and security guards to keep the school safe at all times.

These are just some of the things you need to look for when searching for the right school for your kids. Explore all your options until you choose one that you’re comfortable with.

Why SAF Volunteers Enlist, According to Volunteers Themselves

Singapore MilitaryThe response to the volunteer scheme of the Singapore Armed Forces has been overwhelming. Over 900 individuals applied, and 150 were identified to be a part of the first batch of recruits.

The motivation behind the revival of the military volunteer movement is to give those ineligible for National Service a golden opportunity to contribute to the country’s defence and serve alongside servicemen. Essentially, it opens the door for Singaporean women, first-generation PRs and naturalised citizens to enlist in the military.

According to the interviews conducted by the SAF Volunteer Corps officers to the applicants of the Singapore Armed Forces, here are top three reasons volunteers joined the military:

Repay the Lion City

Some applications volunteered to give back to the society. For female citizens, this is the first chance they have to serve Singapore in this noble fashion. Despite enjoying peace since its independence in 1965, many still want to contribute to national defence and preserve the status quo.

Be a Role Model

Others simply want to be as an example to children on how to of the society’s service, especially those who will eventually serve in the National Service. Although the law requires natural-born Singaporean men to enlist in the military at the age of 18, many parents decide to reinforce the importance of the Singapore’s military conscription.

As an adult, the volunteers want to teach the virtues of the military to their young ones. This way, the future servicemen of the Lion City would develop and nurture the love of country at such an early age.

Experience the Military Life

For some, curiosity pushed them into volunteering. The military has always been a fulfilling and rewarding career for many, but not easily pursuable to all Singaporeans. While the volunteers would only under month-long training and perform duties seven days a year, this stint promises to provide meaningful experiences to everyone.

All volunteers have unique reasons to join the military, but all of them are notable. Whatever motivation you have, what’s for sure is Singapore and its hard-working residents would benefit from your volunteerism.

Ideas for a Cost-Effective Yet Memorable Funeral

Cost-Effective Funeral in OgdenWhen you’re bereaving the death of a loved one, the last thing you need to deal with is the stress of organizing an expensive funeral. It isn’t always by spending big bucks that you can honor the memory of the deceased.

With smart planning, you can have an equally personal, meaningful and unforgettable funeral at an affordable price, says industry experts at Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory.

Explore Your Funeral Financing Options

Start by checking if a funeral pre-arrangement is already in place by going through the will of the deceased. You might also want to verify whether the insurance policy covers funeral costs by contacting the agent. If the deceased was a member of specific organizations (U.S. Veterans for instance), they may be eligible for funeral benefits. Apart from this, the survivors may be eligible for special aids in certain states or the Social Security Death and Survivor Benefits.

Consider Cremation

Cremation can be a much more cost-effective option, considering all the expensive equipment that come with a full burial. Depending on personal preferences and local laws, it can be a good alternative to cremate the body, and store/distribute the ashes in a special and meaningful manner. The body can also be donated to a medical school, which can cremate it and return the ashes to the survivors.

Memorial Service

Having a memorial service instead of a traditional funeral service eliminates the need for expensive embalming, an exquisite casket and other costs related to transportation. A more intimate visitation can right in the house, before contacting the funeral company. The open-house type memorial can be held at a church, community park, town hall or any other personal venue by making advance reservations.

Conducting a memorable funeral on a budget is not tough if you start by looking at your financing options, consider cremation over a full-burial and have a meaningful memorial service instead of a funeral service. Hire the services of an affordable funeral company in Ogden to keep the funeral relevant, cost-effective and unforgettable.


Retail: The Next Big Thing in Philippine Property Market

 Philippine Property MarketAfter hitting its highest point in 2012, the sales of residential projects all over the country stabilized in 2013, 2014, and 2015. While residential sales are still strong, with areas like Bonifacio Global City and Makati remaining popular among home buyers, it cannot be denied that real estate developers are also focusing on retail.

So is retail, rather than residential, the next big thing in the Philippine property market?

More Malls and Commercial Centers

SM Prime, Ayala Land, and Robinsons Land have dominated the country’s mall landscape, but more developers are now tapping the many opportunities in mall development as well.

In fact, Lancaster New City in Cavite has recently upgraded The Square with overhangs, louvers, and nearby canopies to attract businesses to purchase their retail space. According to the developer, their proximity to the Suntech iPark, which caters to at least 17,50 workers, is also one of their desiring features.

International Brands Flocking to the Philippines

Many international fashion brands are flocking to the Philippines. In the past couple of years, Uniqlo, H&M, Aeropostale, Bershka, Cotton On, Americal Eagle Outfitters, and Old Navy have entered the country.

Many of these brands are venturing outside of Metro Manila as well. Uniqlo, for instance, has established several branches in Cavite, Pampanga, Lipa, and Cebu. They currently have over 70 local stores all over the Philippines.

The Rise of Retailtainment

With the opening of resort and casino establishments in the previous years, “retailtainment” is on the rise. More and more developers are using this concept to give Filipino shoppers the overall retail experience. With their retailtainment centers, Filipinos get to enjoy department stores, supermarkets, food courts, cinemas, children’s playgrounds, and pet parks in one area.

With the increasing number of malls, more international brands flocking to the Philippines, and the rise of retailtainment in the Philippines, it seems the retail real estate sector is truly the next big thing in the property market.