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Have Lower Back Pain? Maybe You’re Sleeping on the Wrong Mattress

Medium Firm Mattress

Mattress TypesSleeping on the wrong type of mattress can actually worsen or cause low back pain. When a mattress lacks proper support, it can strain your muscles, reinforce improper posture, and probably won’t help in proper alignment of your spine. These are common risk factors for lower back pain.

According to The Mattress Department, your sleep quality will likewise be sacrificed if your mattress doesn’t meet your needs. If you’re suffering from lower back pain and you think your mattress is slightly to blame, consider these guidelines:

  • Your personal preference above all elseAny mattress type that will help you sleeping without feeling stiffness and pain is what’s best for you. Choose a mattress that can support your back and improve your quality of sleep.
  • Look for a mattress that has back support – Your mattress must give proper support for your spine’s natural alignment and curves. This may help you prevent muscle soreness upon waking up.
  • Compare different mattresses – Some mattresses come with inner springs or coils for support, while some rely purely on special foam. Padding atop mattresses as well as mattress depth also offers support. Before committing to a new mattress, however, notice how you feel when you sleep on different mattress types while you’re not at home, such as when you sleep at a relative, friend’s house or a hotel. This is better than testing mattresses for a couple of minutes in a showroom.
  • Find a mattress type that provides both comfort and support – Comfort is equally crucial as ample back support. An overly firm mattress may cause pains and discomfort on your pressure points. Experts recommend a medium-firm mattress, since it may allow your hips and shoulders to slightly sink in. You may want to choose a mattress with a thicker padding if you need more comfort.
  • Determine if you need a new mattress – If you mattress visibly sinks in the middle or doesn’t feel comfortable anymore, you need a new one. Placing boards under your mattress to counteract sagging is only a short-term solution.

So whether you suffer from lower back pain or want to avoid it, follow these tips for the perfect mattress for you. Remember, a mattress that offers back support and sleep comfort will help in preventing or reducing lower back pain and allow your spine’s structures to rejuvenate and rest at night.