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The Five Most Air-Polluted Cities in America

Cities in America

Cities in AmericaAlmost half of Americans live in communities with dirty air. Though that may seem surprising, it’s actually an improvement. According to the American Lung Association, the nation’s air is much cleaner than it used to be decades ago.

This is the era of the Misco refractometers. Before you put diesel exhaust fluid into your tanks, make sure you don’t burden the air with unnecessary fumes. This practice is important, especially if you are in the following cities:

1. Bakersfield and Delano, California.

Due to the agricultural nature of these places, a lot of dust, pesticide, and fertilizer particles mix with the air. This causes the areas to rank highest in terms of air pollution, both in annual and daily peak averages.

2. Visalia, California.

Visalia has dirty air coming from the coal-fired plants, burning wood, and smoke-belching diesel engines. This leads to a very high ozone level that can exacerbate asthma and cause other breathing issues.

3. Los Angeles, California.

The City of Angels, with countless cars, a lot of factories, and stagnant sunny weather, has an understandably high level of air pollutants (it even beats Visalia for year-round particulates). Things are looking up, though. Air pollution in the city has been significantly reduced in recent years.

On top of the other conditions (weather, a bowl-shaped land that traps pollution, etc.), one of the top contributors to pollution in this city (and in many more around the world) is the dirty exhaust of diesel engines. Check yours with a Misco diesel exhaust fluid refractometer to see if you’re getting the right quality—otherwise, you’re contributing to your area’s air pollution.

4. Phoenix, Arizona.

While the rest of Arizona has fresh air, its capital’s topography tells a different story. The pollution gets in easily, but cannot get out.

5. Hanford, California.

Going back to sunny California, this area in the San Joaquin Valley deals with a level of pollution that they cannot evade. This is mainly due to the weather and topography, as well as the motor traffic passing in and around the area.

The air you breathe impacts your health. Find ways to contribute to cleaner air so that you—and the next generations—can breathe in air without worries.

3 Factors that Put Your Assets at Risks

Empty wallet

Empty walletDepending on you and your lawyer’s terms, your asset protection plan can be simple or complicated, that is, it may cover various future risks., protection lawyers based in California, suggests using best practices and proven strategies.

Anyone may face a risk sooner or later so it is best to foresee them and guard against them as early as now. Here are some factors that can eventually creep up just when you thought you have covered every hole in your asset shield:

IRS audits

High IRS audits endanger your assets in the end. As you may have known, having high IRS audits, as during an error in your tax computation or an unfiled income, may become a big nuisance in your future. Having all these accounted and prevented early on with the help of your lawyer can diminish the case and protect you from serious offenses.

Future lawsuits

People have this tendency to buy health, automobile and homeowner’s insurance without properly planning their asset protection. This may be good, but of little to no value when one is facing a lawsuit. Some of the professions at risk are real-estate developers and doctors that tend to attract lawsuits. Business owners need to have asset protection for the barrage of lawsuits hanging on them, whether it is because of a partnership, injury or employee problems.


To clarify, bankruptcy is the legal state in which you cannot repay your debts to your creditor and thus, you may file for bankruptcy and ask for federal support to pay off part of your dues. The goal of asset protection programs is to save your basic assets so you can move forward in the midst of bankruptcy.

Nevertheless, with proper planning, you can prevent authorities and creditors from touching your assets during this status.

Any person may face these three risks. Those who prepare for these eventually save their assets and get to live without worries.

Tie the Knot under the Tent: The Best Tent Style for Your Wedding

Tent For Your Wedding

Tent For Your WeddingThere are many choices when it comes to wedding reception venues. Most couples do not immediately think of it, but a tent setup allows for endless possibilities in terms of design, theme and motif. The variety of tent styles make it easy to turn a simple site into a stunning, themed location.

Party and tent rental providers from and leading guides like the New York Magazine suggest exploring these options to see which fits your dream outdoor wedding best:


These styles are popular for their classic “circus” vibe. Supported by guy-wires, pole tents have a huge, eye-catching top that with one or more peaks. To set this up, you need about eight feet of clearance around the perimeter. This is to make sure that there’s enough space for the length of the guy-wires.

Most pole tents use metal siding. Often, people cover these and the center poles with fabrics that match the motif of the event to make them visually appealing.

Ground staking may be a concern if you plan to hold the reception somewhere using underground power, sewer or irrigation lines. Consult your tent rental provider for suggestions.


While pole tents have peaks, frame tents have a more standard ceiling. The top structure is formed with metal frames and crossbars, and the setup does not require the use of too many guy-wires like the pole tents. You can simply use weights to hold the tent down. There’s no need to allot a perimeter for staking as well.

Most couples choose frame tents over pole tents because it allows for a more flexible floor plan. There are no center poles to block the way, making it easier to move around in. Since frame tents have metal ceiling structures, it’s best if you rent a fabric ceiling liner to hide those unsightly details.


This style combines features of a pole tent and frame tent. You can take advantage of the convenience of a freestanding frame tent and the beauty of the pole tent’s peaks and ceiling structure.

Some people use marquee tents as hallways to merge different tents. It offers an excellent covered path from tents to the bathrooms or caterer’s preparation area, especially when there’s bad weather.

Have you decided yet which tent style you’ll choose for your outdoor wedding? Learn more about each of the options to get a clearer image of what you want.

Making Visits to the Dentist a Family Trip

Girl brushing her teeth

Girl brushing her teethIt may seem silly to consider your dental health as a family matter, but it really should be. Encouraging every member of the family to maintain a healthy oral hygiene can be easier if everyone is on it. Here’s why.


As a parent, it is your duty to ensure the health of your children. Trips to the dentist will give you details on the condition of their dental health.

Creating a supportive presence alongside your kids sitting on the dentist’s chair lets them know how much you value their health and needs. When the diagnosis is given, your job as a parent is to understand these things and be the one to reinforce the suggested actions for your children to achieve optimum dental health.

Having a trusted dentist for your whole family helps you guide your loved ones in this aim of improving their oral condition.


It’s easy for you and your children to forget the advice of the family dentist, especially when you’re on your own. Having people who are truly concerned for your oral health and care will make avoiding bad dental habits a family activity, driving away isolation.

Start by sharing tooth brushing time with your children, this is also another way to bond. It gives the activity a positive stigma, encouraging your kids to continue the habit. Soon they will look forward to spending this special moment with you.


Be straight with your kids when it comes it their dental health. Explain to them why eating certain kinds of food will harm their teeth. If they are experiencing anxiety about their dental visits, don’t lie to them by saying they won’t feel anything. Instead, ask your dentist to explain the procedure and be there to provide encouragement. Kids are more courageous than you think, but it would give them a great deal of confidence when mom and dad are with them throughout the process.

Make the trips to the dentist’s office a family affair, and your kids will do the same when they become parents.

6 Factors that May Aggravate a DUI Charge


DUIDUI is a common road offense, but some states experience more arrests than others do. Kentucky ranked as the third state with worst drivers in America in 2010, only behind North Dakota and Montana. The state recorded 730 fatal crashes, high rate of DUI cases of alcohol or drugs, poor obedience to traffic laws, and careless driving.

DUI fines in Kentucky include serving some time in jail, paying fines and penalties, and suspension of driving privileges and license. As in all states, driving in Kentucky with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher is a crime.

To determine the punishment for the offenders, prosecutors and judges consider the aggravating and the mitigating factors. Mitigating factors include perfect driving history or below .08 BAC. The aggravating factors are crucial if an offender aims to get at least the minimum sentence for a DUI.

Aggravating Circumstances

There are primarily six reasons a DUI offender can get heavier sentences that calls for the help of DUI lawyer in Kentucky. These are the following:

• Overspeeding beyond 30 mph

• Heading the wrong way on limited access roads and highways

• Committing fatal crimes resulting in serious physical injury and worst, death

• Driving with a BAC rate of .15 or higher

• Refusing to submit to sobriety tests or blood testing

• Conveying of minor passengers under 12 years old

For offenders who find themselves in high risk of earning aggravated DUI charges, they should immediately contact a lawyer well-grounded in Kentucky DUI laws. Meanwhile, prior charges for any of these aggravating circumstances, as well as the minimum sentenced DUI offenses, may be fetched five years down the road during a DUI trial.

Getting charged with DUI requires immediately finding a lawyer to handle the case and seek to get the minimum penalty or a dismissal of the charges.

Other than Lowering Interest, You Should Refinance Because…


RefinanceMortgage refinancing has been a welcome option for Utahans for different financial reasons. The most popular is to take advantage of the decreasing interest rates, which sometimes even drop below the national average, and ultimately lowering the amount they owe to pay off the loan. This move also allows you to secure a shorter term and finish repaying the mortgage faster.

But, that’s not the only reason you should refinance your mortgage in Utah. From buying another property in cash to settling your high-interest debts, refinancing opens you a world of possibilities. City Creek Mortgage shares some of them below:

Gain Stability

A refinance lets you jump from an adjustable-rate loan to a fixed-rate mortgage. The inflation makes adjustable loans scary because of the uncertainties that come with them. Many people refinance without necessarily thinking about obtaining a better interest, but just a more stable rate.

If you don’t want to wake up to a loan with an overly high interest, then a fixed-rate mortgage is worth the change for some peace of mind.

Cash Out Home Equity

A cash-out refinance is a clever way to put more money into your pocket, which you can use on whatever you please. The cold, hard cash you obtain will be deducted to your current home equity, and therefore will be added to your new mortgage with a new term and a potentially lower interest.

Tapping into home equity to have the means to purchase another property is an emerging trend as of late.

Consolidate Debt

Instead of buying new assets, a cash-out refinance is a great strategy to settle your other debts, especially those with high interests. This move to repay your other dues will only be effective if you won’t repeat what you did to accumulate such debts.

A mortgage refinance is a faultless option to break you free from financial worries at face value, but it may work against in some ways. Perform your due diligence, or better yet, speak with an experienced broker to find out if this option makes sense for your situation.

A Look at Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational Enhancement TherapyHealing begins with one’s self. There is nothing stronger than the faith emanating from one’s motivation. This is the goal of one particular therapy to cure substance dependency.

Many counseling centers offer treatment and substance abuse counseling , including motivational enhancement therapy (MET) that is originally created to treat alcohol dependency. It relies on the self-efficacy of a person who is trying to change his situation. It makes a person initiate change rather than follow one. It makes the person accountable for his decisions, encourage the path he is taking if it is beneficial and refrain from arguing his reasons.

Why use a simple thing as motivation?

Motivation is dynamic and it can be intensified by social interaction. Psychotherapists use talking and conversation to keep the ideas flowing mostly coming from the patient. As it is the patient’s idea how changes should take place, there is least resistance. It helps build a brand new mindset and change of views that potentially leads to concrete action.

How is it carried out?

MET follows five stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance. As MET is a short-term therapy that may last up to four months. The process starts with an interview session that will include goal setting and current reality update.

MET basically aims to turn motivation into long-term action. The therapist asks how an assignment was carried out and helps identify problems along the way. The sessions are patient-centric with the therapist asking open-ended questions and providing emphatic commentaries. The client must unearth his deepest thoughts and the therapist will untangle the confusing ones. With clearer thoughts, the client can proceed to give better judgment of his situation and set plans to change what needs to be altered.

Change definitely starts with the self and with professional help on their way, anyone can have a new life away from drugs.

From Expense to Investment: Making Money Out of Your Home


homesIf people will list the most financially draining possession in the world, they will most likely consider their homes. With all the taxes, bills and maintenance costs that come with them, it can be difficult for homeowners. It comes to a point that they are better off letting go of their homes.

Fortunately, you can make money from homes with the right approach. To maximise your property, here are ways to turn your home from a major expense to an investment:

Sell your home

Selling your home is the best way to get rid of the costs for good. You will not only free yourself from your home’s expenses but the time-consuming maintenance, as well. Renovate your home and post ads online to attract homebuyers. House Tree suggests getting a full estate agent service. It will help you sell your home and get profits quickly.

Lease it

Leasing your home gives you more profits continuously compared to selling it. It gives you extra money and means to pay your home’s upkeep. You may get additional benefits from leasing your home, as well. Get council tax cuts from the government by turning part of your home into a granny flat. Whilst you may have to spend money for renovations, the investment will eventually bring returns as your tenants pay for the rents.

Set up a business

Your home creates an opportunity for you to set up a business. There are home-based businesses you can set up to earn a tidy sum. Be your own employer by using your talents and extra space at home. Start a nursery, bed and breakfast inns, bakery, carwash business or an office if you prefer working from home. Having your own business gives you more money, flexibility and control over your life.

Your home does not have to drain your finances all the time. There are many ways to make money from it. By selling, leasing or setting up a business at home, you are earning more money to pay for your home’s maintenance.

Australia and Steak: Why Quality Steak is Never Out of Reach


steakThink steak. By now, surely, your mouth is watering while you recount how good it smells while it’s being cooked, and how good it looks plated with the most sumptuous and delicious of vegetables.

Lucky for Aussies, the country is never short of these beauts. Here are a few reasons it is easy as 1-2-3 to get a hold of the best steak in Brisbane.


If you’ve been overseas and have gone grocery shopping in their respective supermarkets then you know what this means.

There is no question all over the world regarding the quality of Australia’s meat. The country’s low consumption provides great opportunities for exporters to cater to international markets. Wagyu, beef or even lamb, AU exports quality meat all over the world—the largest markets being the Japan, Korea and America.

Safety Assured

In the past years, there have been outbreaks that surrounded the meat industry, the biggest of which was mad cow disease. If you must know, the countries has never been found as a source or a victim of the said disease—which makes for great quality food that you’re putting into your body.

Moreover, the disease-free status is a great advantage for the meat industry Down Under and also assures consumers, locally and internationally, that they’re about to devour the safest and best tasting steak, ever.


The country is abundant with steaks! What better way to tell you that a good piece of meat cooked to perfection is never out of reach than that?

AU’s healthy eating and living choices greatly affect steak consumption in the country. Do remember, however, that steak is a great, if not the perfect, source of your protein—a vital part of a healthy diet.

So what else is stopping you from munching down on that medium rare steak?

If you’ve ever doubted the meat produced by your very own, then hopefully these helped change that. The next time you go out for steak, remember all these qualities and never feel an ounce of guilt with every bite of that glorious and juicy steak.

Surprise Your Mom With These Simple Kitchen Renovations

stainless steel backsplash

stainless steel backsplashOne area in the house that mothers love the most is probably the place where her everyday magic happens – the kitchen. But just because Mother’s Day celebrations are over doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for another year to show her how special she is to you. And what could be the surest way to a mother’s heart other than the kitchen?

Surprise your mom with these kitchen renovation ideas that she will surely love:

Stainless Steel Backsplash

Your mom will surely love this kitchen update! Stainless steel backsplashes to the stove and sink are a perfect way to modernize the overall look of your kitchen. Plus, installing stainless steel backsplashes in these areas could be a stylish way to prevent corrosion and early wear-outs.

You don’t have to worry about inconveniences, too. suggests buying steel online, have it shipped right to your location, and install it yourself! By doing so, you get the best stainless steel backsplash without having to shop around physical stores.

Do-It-Yourself BBQ Grill

Why not build her a DIY grill? You may try using a stainless steel perforated sheet as your grilling pad to allow some excess, unwanted fat to drip.

Stainless Steel Cabinet

Metal cabinets provide an angular, stylish look that your mother will surely love seeing in the kitchen. Also, stainless steel surfaces are hygienic and easier to clean, making it perfect for kitchen use. Steel cabinets also blend well with other kitchen surfaces, such as wood and glass works, creating that bold, industrial look.

It is never too late to surprise your mom with these simple kitchen wonders. By taking care of the part of the house she loves the most, you are also expressing how special she is to you.