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How Office Colours Affect the Attitude of Employees


OfficeThe office needs a good coat of paint. If you are in charge of choosing the most suitable colour for your office, what would you choose?

Each colour has an effect on people’s behaviour. When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for your workplace, go for something that stimulates concentration and productivity. Before discussing design options with a commercial painter, you may want to know how your choice of colours can affect your employees.

Warm Colours

For a room that encourages social interaction, warm colours such as red, orange and yellow are the best options. They communicate energy, passion and happiness.

These colours tend to increase alertness, although they can be overwhelming. Therefore, warm colours are perfect for areas such as the pantry, entrances and locker rooms.

Cool Colours

Cool colours such as blue, purple and green evoke calmness, relaxation and concentration. They create a soothing and quiet ambience, making them ideal as interior paint for production area. Commercial interior design experts in Perth listen to your needs and demands; take this opportunity to select the right shade you want for the office or to ask them for some tips on the right colour for meeting rooms and important areas.

Neutral Colours

Black, grey and white are neutral colours. White is the most popular choice because it matches everything and can make any workplace look clean and spacious. White and other light colours also reflect light and evoke a feeling of optimism.
Knowing the psychology behind the colours and how to use them is one way to help increase productivity in the office. While you can choose a dominant hue for your office, you don’t have to go with just one colour. For example, use warm colours as accents since they are eye-catching. If you have a blue room, spice it up by adding yellow.

The trick is to choose a good mix that encourages office productivity.

Wisdom Teeth: Questions about the Third Molars Answered

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teethThe American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) reports about 90% of Americans have at least one wisdom tooth. Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear in your mouth. Here are some common questions about them:

1. Why are they called wisdom teeth?

Linguists believe that the third molars got the name because they normally appear during the latter years of teenage life (17 to 25 years), the age of wisdom.

2. What is an “impacted” wisdom tooth?

Dentists call it impacted when it erupts and the jaw lacks space for it, which leads to improper development. Impacted wisdom tooth may also come at the wrong angle, bumping into the tooth in front of it.

3. How will you know you have impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted tooth does not show symptoms, except when they are infected. Symptoms include swelling, bleeding gums, jaw pain, bad breath, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Your dentist may ask you to have a dental X-ray if a wisdom tooth is coming through.

4. Is its removal necessary?

Dentists perform wisdom teeth removal in Salt Lake City to avoid future problems. Most of the time, your dentist may suggest removal.
There are cases when such is not necessary, however. That is when it is healthy, fully grown, and properly positioned.

5. How risky is it if not removed?

Dr. Raymond P. White Jr., a University of North Carolina School of Dentistry surgery professor, said that approximately 60-70% of patients will eventually encounter associated problems without impacted tooth removal.

AAOMS warns that once it damages neighboring teeth or it becomes infected, it invites bacteria, which may lead to gum disease. These oral bacteria may travel through your bloodstream and lead to infections and illnesses affecting your heart, kidneys, and other organs.

Prevention is always better than cure. Contact the best oral surgeons if you want to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Revamping Your Home’s Exterior Even on a Tight Budget

House ExteriorRevamping Your Home’s Exterior Even on a Tight Budget

When your home has looked the same way for several years or even decades, it will start to look worn and dated. It could even seem unkempt, especially if you are surrounded by newly constructed homes. Of course, remodelling your home’s look is not easy, nor will it come cheap. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank so your home can gain a brand new look. You can make changes and still stick to a moderate budget.

Clean Your House

You’ll be surprised at how different your home will look after a good scrubbing. Wash off the dirt and plants that have grown to the side of your house. Give your windows a good cleaning, too. Clear out your gutters. If you trim your hedges neatly, your exteriors will look brand new without cost or effort!

Update Your Walls

You can give it a fresh coat of paint, or order high-quality wall cladding materials to give your home a different look. The amount you spend depends on the kind of material you purchase. As for installation, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Hiring for services may cost money, but the results will be fast and you don’t have to worry about paying for unforseen damages.

Use Your Yard Space

Even if all you have is a short walk-up from the street to your front door, there is still place to plant flowerbeds or even put up some patio furniture. If you can’t make major changes, you can always use plants to make your home come alive. Decorate with potted and hanging plants, as well as easily maintained shrubbery.

Just as you remodel, refurnish, and redesign your interiors, you should also freshen up your home’s exterior. Small changes can make a big impact. You might even want to schedule these changes every couple of years and save before that time comes. As a homeowner, it’s important that you have a property that you can be proud of.

Guy Gifts You Probably Haven’t Thought of Yet


giftThe art of gift giving is a craft that is difficult to master. Especially for men, who range from wanting to have every gadget and shoe possible, to those who say they do not need anything from anyone. The best tip anyone can give troubled souls is to be observant and gift by personality type or niche interest. Most of the time, this pointer works, but like all guidelines of this nature, can get cliché in the long run.

Something Unexpected

Staple pieces like a crisp button down or a sturdy belt are good options. But chances are, he already has about half a dozen of these. Give him something he has not worn or tried out before, like the cool Brixton Snapback Caps from, to challenge his aesthetics. Go for a coloured one, like burgundy or try denim for texture.

Something Odd and Functional

Practical gift items are the best. But a stylish satchel or a set of knives aren’t gifts that will stand out for him because these are things anybody could have given him. Keep it interesting. The dude loves beer? Give him a leather bicycle 6-pack carrier. Let him curate his own six-pack while you go on a romantic bike ride. Or a magnetic bottle opener that collects the caps instead of littering them to the floor.

Something High Tech

In every guy’s wish list is a new tech or gadget. Make their wish come true and give them something that is unexpected and at the same time, practical while being in sync with the times. Consider a high-tech watch that lets him read texts, emails, map out directions, as well as track workouts. It is a stylish accessory that serves multiple purposes – that is two points for one.

To make a gift special is to give it meaning. Steer away from cliché gift ideas everyone is probably trying out to their guy friends and partners. It should be a no-brainer. You know him best, anyway.

Life Is Short, Pack Up and Travel


travelNo one can deny the importance of traveling in peoples’ lives. There are experiences you can never gain by staying in your present location. You have to travel to appreciate life itself by learning new cultures and discovering new places. Plus, life is too short to stay put in a single spot. So go pack your bags and embark on a trip. Continental America has 50 states for you to see.

The Northeast

Be awed by the delightful combination of nature, city life, and history in the Northeast Region. Enjoy a relaxing visit to the Arcadia National Park in Maine. See the panoramic towns in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Reminisce your childhood with a tour to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory or stay at the inn founded by the original von Trapp Family, both in Vermont. And, of course, the tour around the region isn’t complete without a visit to the Big Apple.

The Midwest

Delve into American history in the Midwest. South Bend International Airport welcomes you to the home of the University of Notre Dame in the scenic and vibrant area of “Michiana”. Know about Abraham Lincoln’s life in Illinois. Check out Mt. Rushmore in North Dakota. Take countless selfies by the region’s many lakes in Minnesota and Iowa.

The South

Charm, sophistication, musicality, ruggedness – the South has it all. Be captivated by the beautiful parks in Arkansas. Get into music history in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Go back in time in the colonial houses in Delaware and Louisiana. Embrace your wild side and go on an escapade in Texas and Kentucky. And never forget Disneyland and Universal Studios in Florida.

The West

Whether you choose the mountains, or the Pacific, the West region is full of activities for you. Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and Utah are just five of the states teeming with natural landmarks and sceneries. Explore the underwater graveyards in Washington. Cap off your West Coast visit with a glimpse of city life in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the dreamers’ city, Hollywood, California.

This is just an overview of the country’s amazing tourist destinations. Whip up your map, plan your itinerary, gear up with your backpack, and go on the greatest adventure of your life.

The Merlion: Where to Visit Singapore’s National Icon


MerlionThe Merlion is a half-lion, half-fish mythical creature that Singapore uses as a tourism symbol. As a result, whenever tourists visit the country, they find it important to see and take pictures with it. If you would like to do the same, you don’t need a tour guide to take you to these iconic statues.

Here’s a guide to help you find the five statues approved by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB):

Merlion Park

There are two statues located at Merlion Park. The first is the 8.6-metre original Merlion statue, which sprays water from its mouth. The second is the two-metre cub statue behind the original, which many tourists call the Mini Merlion. Merlion Park is a 2,500 square metre area at One Fullerton, which is accessible by all modes of transportation because it’s near the Singapore CBD.

Sentosa Island

Dubbed as the only Merlion open for exploration, Merlion Sentosa is a famous tourist attraction built in 1996. At 37 metres high, tourists can climb the lion’s mouth (ninth floor) and head (12th floor) to get a 360-degree view of Sentosa Island, the city and other neighbouring islands. To get to Sentosa Island, you can board the MRT to Harbourfront Station, take the Sentosa Express, or ride a cable car.

STB Headquarters

Located at Orchard Spring Lane, you can find a three-metre glazed polymarble Merlion statue. The statue stands inside the Tourism Court, the headquarters of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), which is beside Camden Medical Centre. To get there, take a bus or MRT to Orchard Boulevard then walk to Tourism Court.

Mount Faber

Located at Faber Point, the three-metre polymarble Merlion statue features a hilltop view overlooking the Telok Blangah area. Mount Faber is near the Bukit Merah planning area. It’s accessible through Mount Faber Road, but you have to take footpaths that lead to the hill. If you’re on the MRT, you can take the Marang Trail near the Harbourfront Station (Exit D).

Make the most of your Singapore trip by visiting the five official Merlion statues. Remember to have fun along the way to enjoy the experience.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Estate Planning as Early as Possible

Estate planning

Estate planningAt 35, estate planning is the last thing that would cross your mind. You have a stable job, a handsome pay that lets you afford a week-long vacation Hawaiian vacation with your entire family, and buy quality stocks for the future. You are more than a decade from retirement, so why in the world bother with complex process of your wealth’s disposal.

You share the same sentiment of millions at your age. Wherever you come from (especially if you live in California), considering estate planning during your prime is a mark of being realist and practical. The more you value what you work hard for and loved ones, the more you should flirt with this idea.

Your Net Worth Does Not Matter

You do not have to wait to make your first million to talk to an attorney about estate planning. In fact, the’s experienced asset protection lawyers in California share that this process is never reserved for the affluent or the retired.

Your net worth is immaterial; as long as you own something with sentimental value to you and want to make sure they would go to someone you trust when you are gone, then you should go for estate planning.

You Do Not Want Your State to Decide on Your Behalf

Every state has its own way of doing things in case you are can no longer assign your wealth yourself at the time of your death. If ever you get disabled or die abruptly, the court takes over, and allocate your estates based on law. Leaving it to chances may seem inconvenient, especially that there is a possibility your family may not get a desirable decision in the end.

You Never Know What May Happen

Even if death is a taboo word for the young, you know it can happen any time. This process allows you to create clearly defined guidelines on how you prefer your assets distributed in case you pass away and get rid of unnecessary inheritance conflicts.

Estate planning is all about anticipating what may happen and eliminating uncertainties. You are wise enough to build wealth and provide a good life for your family, keep it that way and secure your loved ones’ future with or without you.

Hosting a Successful Event: How You Can Increase Your Ticket Sales?


TicketsYou have a big event coming up, but the ticket sales remain slow. As the big day slowly approaches, it seems like no one is talking about you. Have no worry, as many event organizers have been there. You have to face different problems, at some point.

Ensuring a successful event and maximizing ticket sales, whether it’s a comic convention, a product launch or a conference, is never easy. You want to sell as many tickets as possible, but that requires sales savvy.

Build Hype Using Social Media

Set up a group for your event on Facebook or LinkedIn and keep your followers updated. This will expose your event and generate conversation among qualified people in the industry. Be sure to upload photos and videos that will excite them. You can post teasers on Instagram to catch your target market’s attention and create interest. The less you reveal, the more they will want to know what it is.

Use an Incredible Platform

Make buying tickets as simple and convenient as possible. Let your target market feel that what they are buying is like designer clothes or techy gadgets. People want what they can have easily – no matter what the price is. Use a reliable ticketing and event management platform, which allows you to manage your huge event in one software. Choose one that make purchasing tickets a breeze and secure.

Create Early Bird Pricing

Now is the right time to create an early bird offering to get as many customers as you can. If your ticket originally costs $25, make it $20 for early buyers. You can have more than one type of pricing to urge people to make a purchase before the cost will increase.

With attention to detail and careful planning, you can sell more tickets than what you’ve expected. It’s important to do an extensive research and use the right tool.

Keeping Track Of Your Employees Abroad

conference call

conference callExpanding your business on foreign shores is a sign of your success. This may also spell trouble, however. It creates challenges in keeping track of operations and your employees, as well.

There are ways to keep track of your overseas personnel. Apply the following tools and tips to keep your employees in line and make your business stay afloat:

Conference Calls

While it’s cost-effective to receive written reports about your offices overseas, it is better to hear them from your employees. You may want to conduct conference calls with them occasionally to give you an accurate picture of their performance. Video conferencing on the Web allows interaction and collaboration between you and them that written reports cannot provide. You can talk to your employees abroad without the need to go there in person.


If you tend to remind your employees often, you may send e-mails instead. You do not have to disrupt their work by calling them for every reminder or clarification. E-mails will also teach your employees discipline. Require them to respond to your e-mails so they will follow the rules.

Automated monitoring software

One way of determining your company’s performance is by looking at your employees’ attendance. The fewer the absences and tardiness records, the more productive they are at work. Use tools to keep track of work hours. Automated monitoring software tracks employees’ activity more accurately than traditional attendance monitors do. It records the log in time and the hours that your employees spend in the office. With this, you will know the performers and truants in your overseas offices.


You cannot find out how your employees perform if you only look at attendance and use automated monitoring software. Use CCTV cameras for more information on your employees’ activities. You can see what they are really doing during work hours. You will know factors that affect their productivity and come up with ways to improve their performance and behavior.

The challenge of monitoring your overseas employees will remain if you do not have the right tools and methods. Through conference calls, e-mails, monitoring software and cameras, you will find out how they’re doing and conduct appropriate measures to improve their performance.

Police Stops: The Common Traffic Ticket Misconceptions You Should Be Aware Of

traffic police

traffic policeThere is nothing more frustrating and stressful than seeing red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror, and then getting pulled over. The moment you roll down your window, it’s no secret that a police encounter for traffic violation is nerve-wracking. When you get a traffic ticket and decide to fight against it, you need to arm yourself with the right information – not those long-accepted so-called facts that are often myths.

Even if you are just worried and choose to prepare for a future police encounter, you want to know what the truth is. To enlighten you, here are the three common misconceptions when it comes to getting pulled over for traffic offenses.

There’s No Need to Hire a Lawyer

This is bad advice. Even if it’s only a speeding ticket or improper lane usage, lawyers from recommends hiring a traffic lawyer. According to their website: “Whether you feel you are mistakenly charged, or got into a serious incident, the most reasonable thing to do is to seek legal services immediately. Working with an experienced lawyer—who is committed to leveraging all legal remedies within the confines of the law to fight on your side—gives you peace of mind.”

If the Police Asks for Permission, Say Yes

Many people agree to search requests, only to find themselves in a devastating situation and regret their decision. If a police officer asks to search your vehicle, keep in mind that the answer is always no. Even if you commit a violation, you have the right to reject anything without your consent. Chances are, if police officers can do it or they require it, they no longer need to ask for permission.

Radar Inaccuracy Means You’re Off the Hook

Citing inaccuracies about a police officer’s device cannot help you plead not guilty to a speeding ticket. If you have a solid evidence to support your reasons, then probably the court might consider and analyze it. During this moment, an experienced lawyer can assist you with finding the records.

Just like with any other charges, being stopped by a police officer for a traffic offense is serious. With extensive research and help from a legal professional, you will know the right course of action to take.