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Divorce Talk: What Denver’s Laws Say About Hidden Assets

Divorce Talk

Divorce TalkFinancial disclosures are a natural part of divorce – everyone knows that. The divorce process in Colorado needs financial disclosures from both parties to share marital property fairly. Still, there are people who sneakily avoid disclosing everything that they own. Amid all the legal technicalities of a divorce, things can get tricky when a spouse starts to hide assets.

Common Hidden Assets

Commonly, assets that spouses hide include money, annuities, bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Insurance policies and traveler’s checks are also part of the list. There are also the assets that disclosures normally overlook, such as gun collections, art pieces, jewelry, hobby equipment, and similar items that hold significant value. All these things could be part of what the court considers marital property. But as with any legal proceeding, the decision varies depending on the case’s individual circumstances.

There are also cases when a spouse disguises an asset to prevent it from being disclosed. Some people, for instance, make up a phony debt repayment to a friend or some entity just to conceal an amount of money.

The Law’s Provisions

The spouse who hides assets could get in serious trouble with the law. First of all, every disclosure comes with a pledge. If a party breaks that pledge, they could face a charge of perjury.

From the perspective of divorce laws, the attorneys at explain that the act of hiding assets violates Rule 16.2 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure (C.R.C.P.). This statute stipulates that both spouses in a divorce case should voluntarily disclose any form of asset. After all, the principle of equitable distribution is to share both assets and liabilities between parties in a fair manner.

If a spouse finds out that the other party hid some assets, this could pave the way to a lawsuit. Of course, this case would also go through the typical technicalities of a court proceeding – from subpoenas to depositions. Do note that not every hidden asset is worth the litigation, so consult a lawyer first.

In theory, what Denver’s laws suggest seems easy enough to understand. In reality, however, the whole process can get quite complicated. It is still best to talk to a seasoned attorney in family law to discuss these matters instead of taking informative articles like this as legal advice.

What’s In a Name: HVAC Service Providers

HVAC contractor

HVAC contractorAdvertising strikes the mind of consumers like a lightning bolt and creates brands synonymous to companies or services. How credible is one business then? Do companies pay promotions to mislead people?

When looking for HVAC maintenance, what comes on your mind first? Certainly, you will shortlist names of companies you are familiar with because you know that these names equate to this particular utility. This does not hold true all the time, however, as several of them may have less than an impeccable track record over the years. Are you willing to gamble?


As the practice of choosing the better-known brand is natural, small business die from the competition. Still, some building administrators source their services from SMEs to cut costs. They discovered that some unfamiliar names could perform tasks at a quality similar to that of more popular choices, cites Draper-based HVAC contractor


Small to medium scale businesses offer quality as well as dependability. It’s just that their names are not as trendy, mostly because of their emerging nature and smaller customer base.

Nonetheless, why would you care about popularity when renowned brands are highly inaccessible during emergencies due to their busy network? To some extent, some are even unable to spare extra time to check further if your unit is back to normal operation.

Remember these extra pointers when choosing an SME for your HVAC needs:

• Look for a company that caters to your needs on time
• Company must have a license for HVAC systems
• Ask for certificates of training

Brand speaks for a business and due to this, business owners pay a huge amount for promotions and marketing campaigns. Accept the fact that this is the reason why you have to pay more for their service. Family-owned or locally established service providers charge lower. You may consider one of them for task or ask your colleagues for reference.

Efficient Band Sawing: 3 Elements to Check Always

Laser alignment technologies

Laser alignment technologiesBand saws are among the most important tools in the lumber industry. It is an indispensable machine used to cut curves, re-saw thin strips of wood pieces, cut tenons and rabbets, and make veneers. To make these woodworking projects more efficient and get the most from your band saw, though, it is important to focus on three elements: blade alignment, blade type, and average tension.

Blade Alignment

Adjust the rip fence side by side with the miter-gauge slot. Remove the blade drift by putting the blade on the center of the upper wheel, which will most likely have a slight crown. If the blade is near the front of the upper wheel, it will be angled to the right for a straight cut. If it’s at the back of the wheel, it will be angled to the left for the straight cut.

There are laser alignment technologies that can help you ensure better precision in terms of positioning parts and machinery. Some lasers also help with the actual cutting; they draw a laser line on saws to show you the exact location of cuts.

Blade Type

Cupped kerfs and bad tracking are just some of the most common problems woodworkers encounter while working with band saws. These problems often stem from the use of band saw blades with too many teeth and small gullets in between.

It’s important to eliminate sawdust in the kerf efficiently. Sawdust gets stuck in small gullets where the fibers are cut. This produces extreme heat, which creates friction and renders the blade inefficient. Heat and pressure makes the blade bend sideways and backwards. This often leads to cuts that are not so refined.

While many think that over tensioning is the solution, it actually leads to more problems. It will groove the tires and eventually misalign the blade. Use a coarse blade for better cuts, or consider a 3-tpi blade with larger gullets.

Average Tension

The right blade tension will help keep stocks centered. It will also prevent the blade from fluttering when pushed. Woodworkers can easily control the amount of tension by placing a wood slicer blade with lateral guides and thrust bearings opened up.

With the saw unplugged, apply tension and push the blade sideways. Look over the gauge as you add tension over time. Take note of the reading so you can use it in tensioning the blade in the future.

Take note of these three elements to ensure efficient band sawing.

Better Lighting, Better Work? How Office Lighting Affects Employee Productivity

Office Lighting

Office LightingEvery employee is different, as each has his or her own personality, desire, lifestyle, quirks, habits, and outlook in life. But, when it comes to work, there are certain factors that affect them equally – from the impact of the color of the walls, the temperature in a room, and the noise happening around.

There is one important factor, however, that most company owners overlook recently: lighting. Take a moment to observe your workplace. Do your team members have enough light on their desk? Is your existing lighting too dim or too harsh?

Many think that working in a dark room or in poor light can damage the vision, but its effects are way beyond than that. This article explores the science behind how lighting impacts a person’s productivity.

It Enhances the Mood

Your top priority as a business owner should be the best interest of your best employees. Like it or not, without them, your company might not thrive in a competitive marketplace. Always look for ways to motivate your staff. One effective way is having a well-lit office. The right lighting can improve people’s mood, encouraging them to enjoy work and stay interested on finishing their tasks.

It Influences the Mental Performance

A number of studies have shown that exposure to good lighting can help employees concentrate better, react faster, pursue harder, and become more energetic.

As, Denver’s premier provider of LED lights, puts it: “Quality lighting in your office means more than just replacement light bulbs, fixtures, and ballasts. You have to worry about service, maintenance costs, employee satisfaction, and especially customer satisfaction. Fifty percent of your energy bill is spent on lighting, so it’s a big deal when making lighting decisions, and making a mistake can have many bad consequences.”

It Reduces Fatigue

Your workplace’s light intensity can affect how your workers do their jobs. Poor lighting means they are more prone to boredom and drowsiness, which may lead to bad performance at work. With a quality lighting, however, it can reduce fatigue at the office.

The impact of a well-lit office is more than just being aesthetically pleasing. Quality lighting is an important factor in keeping your employees motivated, inspired, and satisfied at work.

3 Steps to Donating Your Car – And Making Sure It Goes To Charity!

car donation

car donationHelping out a charity by donating your car is food for the soul – as well as a good way for you to save big on your income tax. Sadly, the same cannot be said of unscrupulous individuals and groups who have turned car donation into a lucrative business.

Here are tips on how you can truly help your chosen charity.

1. Make sure your charity directly accepts car donations

A quick way to know if your chosen organization does not actually have a valid car donation program is by the way it heavily promotes the idea of donating a car – without even stating in their ads where the proceeds of the cars they do receive are going to. This means it can easily keep a big chunk of the money – or even the total amount – generated from your donation, instead of using it to support humanitarian causes.

2. Drive your car yourself to the charity

A well-meaning charitable organization usually requests its car donor to list down his address so that they can pick up the donated car. Be a Good Samaritan and drive your car to the charity instead – you are also helping your charity save on towing expenses which only adds to their financial burdens.

3. Take initiatives in donating your car to charity

A credible charity should have no problem if you ask them outright about how their organization works. Find out if they accept a car from a donor directly or if they let a third party handle it. If a third party is involved, chances are only a small amount goes to the charity itself. You can be proactive and call the handling agency to ensure the highest possible amount reaches your charity. You do have the right to do this, especially since you still have to face an IRS audit following your car donation.

Being charitable does not simply mean giving away your car; it also means making sure it serves its purpose of helping those in need.

How Often and How to Get Your Jewelry Appraised


jewelryTo assure that you will get full coverage in case of theft or loss of jewelry, you must have it appraised from jewelry appraisers in your area.

Most often people come up with questions like how often and how they should get their jewelry appraised. Here is an attempt to answer this question.

How Often Indeed

Do not think that appraisal is a once-in-life job. Rather you must get the jewelry appraised every few years for certain strong reasons.

• Jewelry markets are volatile with prices changing frequently.
• The value of jewelry changes with fluctuation in the bullion market.
• Inflation rates also affect the jewelry value.

The recommended frequency for jewelry appraisal is 2 years in the US; jewelry appraisers Utah residents trust even suggest a year or so in frequency. In addition, you must also check with your insurance policy to know how often they need your jewelry appraised.

How Does the Process of Appraisal Work?

To get your jewelry appraised, following these steps:

1. Know what information must be a part of the appraisal, such as the description and characteristics of the ornament, details regarding the gemstones, the type of setting and a photo of the jewelry.
2. Judge if the appraiser is dependable. In this regard, verify his credentials, check his education levels, go through his resume and check with references.
3. Preferably, find a jewelry appraiser through a reputed organization as this will assure you of the appraiser’s dependability.

Purpose of the Appraisal

Finally, ask yourself why you need appraisal for the jewelry. This will determine the value you will get. Generally, you can receive information regarding three types of jewelry value, namely:

• Cash value that reflects the current market price of the piece.
• Replacement value that reflects how much your insurer will pay in case of theft or loss.
• Agreed value, which reflects a fixed sum that you and the insurer agreed upon.

Understand the practical details of jewelry appraisals and get what you deserve for that precious piece of jewelry you own.

My Teeth Hurt; I Need a Barber

barber shop

barber shopIt is common knowledge that barbers were the first surgeons. Were you aware, though, that they were also the first dentists?

Tools of the Trade

It makes perfect sense if you think about it. They work with knives and scissors, so they were perfect for carrying out surgery. They also performed enemas and bloodletting, which most people thought would cure many illnesses.

Accustomed to dealing with blood and other bodily fluids, barbers pulling out teeth was child’s play. Teeth pulling was the extent of dental care they had back in the day, though, so their importance lay more in what they did as barber-surgeons.

Historical Roles

The word ‘barber’ comes from the Latin barba, which means beard and first became a profession in Rome in 296 BC. The practice of hair trimming existed as far back as 6,000 years ago. Among the relics found in the tombs of Egypt were razors, combs, and cosmetics.

Neatly trimmed hair was a sign of nobility and the religious. Alexander the Great made his men shave off their beard to keep the enemy from grabbing them in hand-to-hand combat. It was also during war that barbers started to do surgery as well as dispense medicines. The importance of the barber in society made them prosperous.

Back to the Beginning

Barber-surgeons began to separate from the main body of barbers in the 12th Century, becoming more specialised in medicine. In 1745, London barbers were once again back to just cutting hair and trimming beards. However, the bloody rags they used when they were still doing bloodletting continue to serve as the symbol for barbering in the form of the red, white and blue striped barber pole. Today, barbers serve important functions as hair care professionals.

Barbers used to be all men, but today professionals of both genders perform hair cutting. Generally, men go to barber shops while women go to salons, although there is no rule against mixing them up.

Till Death Do You Part: Planning for a Loved One’s Passing


coupleJust as everything has a beginning, so too is there an end. Death is a natural part of life.

Unfortunately, not too many people are willing to plan for it. While people generally procrastinate about plans for the inevitable, planning ahead and having contingency measures for the death of a loved one can be a silver lining in an otherwise totally dark cloud. Lindquist Mortuaries insists that it is better to have a plan than to deal with arrangements when the inevitable comes.

Easing the Grief

Death can come as a shock to the system—even if it is expected. This is much more difficult when it comes to a loved one. During such difficult times, it can be added stress to have to deal with all the necessary funeral arrangements on top of the grief. By taking care of all the tangible things, you can significantly ease the grief.

Knowing Your Funding Options

Planning ahead for a funeral service instead of having to come up with an emergency fund when the time comes can give you a clearer picture of your funding options. This way, even if you have to deal with emotional grief, you can secure your options so you won’t have to worry about the financial aspect.

Honoring a Loved One’s Wishes

Planning ahead also allows you to consult with your loved ones on certain things they might want to happen in their own wake and funeral service. There are many factors to consider for funeral services. Do your planning ahead of time so you can get the input of your loved ones and respect their wishes.

Funerals are never easy—especially when it is for someone dear to you. But while the emotional grief can be overwhelming, there is something you can do about other matters. Plan ahead and make sure you are as ready as you can be.

Getting a Break from the IRS via Car Donations

car donation

car donationPaying taxes is always stressful. You have to make sure that you put in all your income and deductions right or you might get a visit from the taxman. Even if you do it right, you still need to lie down when you see what you owe Uncle Sam.

You can make it a little better, though, by adding to your deductions – giving your old car to charity. Here are the basic rules for tax breaks when donating a car.

$500 Ceiling

Back in the day, you could claim a deduction for the fair market value of your car, but people used to claim more than that for their donated cars, so the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) became stricter.

Nowadays, if your car is worth $500 or less, you can claim the value of the car as a deduction. You will need an acknowledgment from the charity within 30 days of making your donation to support your claim, though. It should include your name, the vehicle identification number, when you donated it, and a description of the car.

Nonetheless, for cars with value more than that or when the charity sells it, it gets more complicated.

More than $500 or Sold

In the latter scenario, the deduction will change. Generally, you can only claim a fair market value deduction for your car if the charity uses it for more than 30 days. This is the intervening use exception. When the charity sells it within 30 days, you can only claim a deduction for however much they sold it. In either case, you need to get documentation from the charity.

You have to know the tax rules as they apply to your case. Making a mistake in your tax deduction calculations could cost you dearly. To be on the safe side, if you are not sure you are doing it right, get a tax professional to help you.

Why Most Small Business Signs are Boring, Ineffective, and Forgettable

Mistakes of Business Signage

Mistakes of Business SignageEvery business with a physical location should invest in a good sign. It makes it easier for customers to find your store, build your brand, and attract more foot traffic. Yet a large number of local businesses get it spectacularly wrong.

Good signage is an essential part of your local marketing efforts. Watch out for these mistakes, and be sure that you do not make them.

1. Poor design – When it comes to design, you only have two real goals: make it attractive, and make sure that it is highly noticeable. What colours will you use, and is there a sufficient level of contrast with the surroundings? Have you thought about using illuminated business signs, so they will still be visible when night comes? How large are the images and letters?

These are important questions, and you will often find it hard to come up with solutions. Designing a good sign is a delicate balancing act, and a few decisions can make the difference between head turners and something that people won’t even notice. It is often worth consulting a professional for this, as amateur work is obvious.

2. Too much text – As mentioned earlier, you should make sure that the text on the sign is easily readable from any distance. Pay special attention to the contact details, and consider adding your website’s link as well. But don’t make the mistake of overloading your sign; there is such a thing as too much information.

People have short attention spans, and they are quick to ignore blocks of text. Brevity is an important rule in outdoor advertising; keep the sign to below seven words if at all possible, so even those passing by in a hurry can absorb the full message.

3. Bad positioning – One of the most common blunders is to assume that you should place the sign as high as you possibly can, to help maximise its visibility. This is a flawed way of thinking; instead, you should consider where your prospective customers will actually be looking.

Pedestrians hardly ever look up, so placing the sign just a little above head level is often the most effective method. For vehicles, find out how much they can see from behind their windshield, as drivers will keep their eyes on the road. Drive through the street yourself, and figure out their perspective.

Now that you have a good understanding of what mistakes to avoid, you should be able to create much more effective signage.