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Forklift Safety 101

forkliftMost people might think that being an excellent driver means that making the transition to truck driving is easy. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. While driving mechanics are essentially the same, note that there are factors that need to be considered such as weight, load, limited visibility that might hinder you from successful forklift operations.

New York forklift training instructors have a few essential pointers regarding the matter:

Safety first

Remember that your safety is of paramount importance. Being a beginner means needing a learning curve, and that often entails a few mishaps. Wearing appropriate gear will help you avoid untoward accidents.

In addition, always perform a routine check-up of your machinery and equipment before use. By doing so, you lessen the risk of workplace mishaps.

Avoid hazards

Always be aware of your surroundings and know your route.Be sure that you understand thoroughly the safety regulations in your area. Maintain clear visibility of your immediate surroundings at all time.

Stabilize load

Load stability is a very important factor in forklift operation. Not only does it affect the machine’s maneuverability, it can also pose other problems with your driving. Keep in mind that overloading your forklift is just as bad an idea.

In addition, always make sure that your load does not obstruct your view. Drive forwards when moving up ramps and in reverse when going down.

Observe refueling precautions

Never refuel near the vicinity of open flames. The engine should always be switched off; forklifts should only be refueled in designated locations.

Having a safety first mindset goes a long way, especially when you are just beginning to figure out the ins and outs of forklift operation. Also, note that safety does not equate to merely that of your own. There will always be pedestrians and other obstacles lingering by. It pays to always stay sharp and alert behind the wheel.

Coffee at Work: Choosing a Machine for Office Use

coffee machines

coffee machinesCoffee machines are available in different types. There are traditional espresso coffee machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines and capsule coffee machines. If you are thinking of buying any of these for your office, understand their pros and cons before making your final decision.

The following are some of the most common types of coffee machines:

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

These are more affordable than the other ones types available. Ground coffee is used here, which is less costly than pods. Also, you can get more variety. You can readily set the quantity of water and the ground coffee that you want in your coffee depending on your preference. If you want to change the coffee’s intensity and flavour at any point of time, you can do so with great ease. But, when it comes to maintenance, these coffee machines can be quite burdensome, especially for an office. Also, you have to learn the method of filling and using the portafilter.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

These come with grinders that you can use to freshly grind the coffee beans. The coffee you can get from this machine is completely fresh. These are automatic, allowing you to get your coffee just by pressing a couple of buttons. Also, you can choose from a wide range of coffee beans. This is good for offices, as people often drink coffee frequently. But, this can take up a whole lot of counter space. The machine is quite costly, too. Fortunately, you can rent these coffee machines for office use.

Capsule Coffee Makers

If you want an easy-to-maintain coffee machine that takes minimal time to produce a cup of coffee, a capsule coffee maker should be your choice. The pods are sealed, which tend to seal the freshness of coffee. The machine is small, light and easy-to-store. This could be great, if you don’t drink coffee too often. Although the coffee machine is quite affordable, the capsules you need to buy could be pricey. Also, you cannot get variety in this type of machine or control the intensity or flavour of the coffee.

Different offices have different requirements. So, it is important to understand the requirements of your office before deciding on a particular coffee machine.

Look ‘Stronger’: Fashion Takeaways from Kanye West


shirtsKanye West has another field of interest other than rapping: fashion. Whether that’s for good reason or not, it’s up for everyone to decide. But to be fair, Kanye has his credentials when it comes to the world of garments and clothes.

Back in 2011, he launched his own line of womens wear. Two years later, he partnered with A.P.C., a French clothing brand, the result of which is a fashion line that debuted in early 2014. If that doesn’t give the man behind “Bound 2”enough fashion cred, he has been teaching fashion students as part of his 250-hour community service.

So, yes, Kim Kardashian’s husband knows his thing about fashion. But what exactly can we learn from the rapper slash producer slash fashion designer himself? Here are three examples:

Love the basics

Although Kanye got famous for being flashy with his fashion choices, he keeps a basic look at times. There are photos of him where he only wears a plain white tee, a pair of denim trousers and Nike Air Yeezy sneakers.

The lesson here is how you should remain loyal to the basics in everything about fashion. Understanding that a 10 Deep Jersey shirt from and a pair of jeans as the basic attire for streetwear can take you a long way. Knowing the simplest form of clothing – be it casual, formal, or what have you –gives you the edge fashion-wise.

Know your way with colours

Most people wouldn’t dare wear a brightly coloured ensemble from head to toe, but Kanye can pull that off. How does he do this? He knows his way with colours.

Fashion is similar to interior design. When you have enough of a colour, it becomes a neutral backdrop – no matter how bright the shade may be.

Embrace yourself

You can love or hate Kanye, but his personality and style will always stand out whenever you see him on the news or his music videos. This, perhaps, is one of the most important lessons you can learn from baby North West’s father.

With what you can learn from him, you can look “stronger” without imitating his style.

Swim Spas: Combining Exercise and Fun

hot tub

Most people would love to have a swimming pool, but balk at the expense and time it would take to make it happen. Luckily, there are many alternatives to full-sized pools like lap pools, hot tubs and swim spas. These offer all the benefits of water activities while being easy to clean and maintain. Hot tubs and spas are a great way for people to relax from long and stressful days. What makes them even more popular is that they are easy to maintain.

hot tub

Swimming is a great way to get exercise without putting pressure on the joints. In terms of proper hot tub maintenance, pool cleaning companies can do that for a fee. Installation companies suggest that more people are waiting to get water features included in their backyard, especially since they can be a good addition to their homes. Whether you want a tub or spa inside or outside, it will definitely increase your home’s value.

A few pointers to keep in mind when considering a hot tub are the following:

• Check local codes to see what the requirements in terms of fencing, covers and other add-ons.
• Know what types of covers are available and what is involved in cleaning and maintaining the hot tub.
• If the tub is inside a home, humidity controls will be needed. Check if you’ll need a dehumidifier.
• Make sure the deck or the foundation of a home can support the weight of a full tub with people in it.

By swimming against a propeller-generated current and enjoying features like under water treadmills or even bikes, swimming can be an alternative to your exercise routine. Some have DVD and music systems installed so that users stay motivated. These can be easily incorporated into most homes.

Make sure to get a tub or spa, which doesn’t require a lot of chlorine. Many maintenance companies use minerals like zinc, silver and copper to maintain clean water. They also make sure the skin doesn’t dry out. They also have enzymes, which keep bacteria levels low.