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High Prices to Cause Higher Spending on U.S. Home Upgrades in 2018

a modern living roomAmericans plan to take advantage of high home prices by spending more this year to upgrade their residential properties, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) model.
Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released the LIRA report, which forecasts spending to increase nearly 8 percent to $333 billion by September.

Home Development Spending

Aside from high home prices, home builders and renovators will notice an increase in development activity due to recent economic growth, according to Joint Center for Housing Studies managing director Chris Herbert.

Americans in disaster-stricken states last year such as Texas will particularly seek to renovate their houses, according to the report. Abbe Will, the center’s research associate, expects “stronger growth” in 2019 since more people will pursue major repairs.

For homeowners with pools on their property, it’s a good time to get the backyard feature checked. Custom pool builder, Gold Medal Pools says that a service could include testing the water quality and cleaning to restore its sparkling look.

The North Texas Market

Hurricane Harvey’s impact last year failed to dampen the momentum of home sales in North Texas in January when transactions comprised 6,246 existing properties. The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems said that real estate agents sold 12 percent more homes last month.

The median sales prices also increased, although at a slower rate of 5 percent. Still, the number of existing homes that changed possession set a new record in January. If you intend to sell your house in the coming months, finding a buyer will be relatively easy. A tight supply of homes on the market has caused buyers to place bids as quickly as supply increases.

An increase in home remodeling activity bodes well for the business of home builders and renovators in the near future. For homeowners, planning a renovation project seems a worthwhile investment while prices remain high.

3 Amazing Ideas to Improve a Modern Garden with Antiques

Garden with gazeboImproving the appearance of your yard normally involves buying additional decor or plants. However, you don’t need to buy modern pieces or expensive contemporary additions to make it more inviting. You can help preserve the planet by choosing reclaimed building fixtures and antique decorative items instead. Consider these classy additions:

A Reading Nook

French garden antiques placed sparingly around a refurbished classic couch, complete with small side tables and an ottoman would be the perfect setting for a secret reading area or a unique place to entertain guests. Plan your garden design around this section, choosing between turning it into a secluded spot with numerous plants all around or an open space to view the whole yard.

Garden Statues

Forget the garden gnomes and pink flamingos. After all, you can’t get any classier than adding aged statues to your meticulously designed yard. Choose one central piece or aim to place smaller statues strategically to highlight certain spots in the garden. Do consider your yard space, color scheme, and theme when choosing what pieces to buy.

A Stone Fountain

Nothing says garden more than having a stone fountain in the middle of the yard, whether it’s the driveway or backyard. If you feel it’s a little too much, you can reserve this fixture behind your home if there’s enough space for it. You can also consider installing it in one corner of the yard to augment your pool (if you have one).

Mixing old with new is now a trend and it's truly making a mark in modern architecture and design. The outcome offers a constant delightful surprise to homeowners and helps Mother Nature by reducing waste. Admittedly, it’s a great way to create your own wonderful spot.

4 Practical Gifts That Are Not Boring

Gold jewelry and pearls in a gift boxThe last thing you would want when choosing a gift for someone is to pick an item that does not bring the excitement you hoped for them. A sure way to avoid that tragedy is to go for items that are not only unique, but also functional. Here are some functional gift ideas you might want to get:

Functional jewelry

Jewelry has to be one of the most popular gifts in history. That’s because jewelry never goes out of style. Why not make your gift better by buying a piece that’s both fashionable and functional? You could get a nice pendant that doubles as a clock, for instance. You can also buy them a watch with small diamonds on the side. Visit jewelers in Utah for more ideas, as they might give you a better suggestion.

Electric stirring coffee mug

A coffee mug is one of the most functional gifts you can give. The challenge, however, is finding a piece that’s not boring. The kind that comes with witty phrases is so yesterday. You may want something more creative, like a mug that comes with an inbuilt motor to whirl your drink around. This self-stirring mug will mix their coffee with sugar or milk and they would never need a spoon.

A phone-charging wallet

The smartphone is increasingly becoming indispensable in today’s mobile-minded world. Having a wallet that can actually charge your phone is great when the phone is running low on juice. The wallets usually come with extra slots for your cards and cash.

Self-heating socks

Whether your loved one loves hunting, traveling, or hunting, getting them self-heating socks is a spending idea, especially for the cold months. These socks are a lot more innovative than conventional socks and can provide a few hours of wireless toe warmth.

There are many improved alternatives to boring gifts that you can get for your special ones. By thinking a little out of the box, you can find them practical gifts that they will cherish for a long time.

How to Understand Google’s Ranking Criteria

SEO on laptop screenSearch engine optimization underwent some changes when Google updated its criteria for ranking websites. The changes are meant to help users get reliable information from reputable sites. The intention is noble, but it made website owners work even harder for ranking.

In Utah, search engine optimization has gotten more difficult because of these changes in the site ranking system. SEO specialist SEO Werkz states that knowing what the criteria are can help you make the necessary adjustments to improve your ranking. Here are some of the criteria Google uses to rank your site.

How Long the Site Has Existed

This particular requirement puts websites that have a good history and have been around for quite some time at an advantage. Younger or new sites will have to work really hard with their SEO to get any notice from Google.

Relevant Keywords/Content

Keywords are still a major ranking factor in Google. This time though the search engine is wary of sites that use “too much” keywords. You can still include it in the title, description, meta tags, and content. Just don’t overuse or you run the risk of getting penalized.

For the moment, it’s better to add keywords once or twice in your content. Aside from keywords, content is now a major factor in getting a favorable rank from Google. Website owners should only publish quality content free of grammatical errors.

Quality of Links

Linking various content on your website is a plus factor in Google’s eyes. Outside sites that link to your website can also improve your ranking. On the other hand, your rank can drop if these links are not up to Google’s standards.


Research shows many people using mobile devices in surfing the net. Google has taken note of this and consider mobile-friendliness as a criterion for ranking. To see if your site is your mobile-friendly, visit it using a tablet or smartphone.

Site Security

Improve your site’s defenses against malware and viruses to improve ranking. Google currently considers site security as an important factor. There are two ways to protect your site. One of them is to get an SSL certificate.

You need to keep the servers free from infection while keeping your anti-virus protection up to date.

Those are some of the criteria Google has introduced to determine the value your website provides users. These include quality content and links as well as the proper use keywords. Meeting these requirements as soon as possible can go a long way in putting your site at the top page of Google search results.

There is also the need to secure your site and servers from malware and viruses. Following these latest Google requirements will make your site and content popular with users.

5 Ways to Identify Authentic Leather Boots

Leather BootsToday, leather enthusiasts are finding it harder to differentiate genuine leather from synthetic ones. The market is coming up with non-authentic material but labeling it as genuine, which can make it confusing for consumers.

Luckily, there are still some boot stores in Austin, TX, that sell authentic leather boots. However, it is very important to know how to tell the real ones from synthetic ones to avoid paying for fake but expensive ones.

The Claims

If the manufacturer claims that it is real and genuine leather but follows it up with a “manmade material” claim, then it is most likely synthetic.

Most manufacturers will be proud of their genuine leather material. Therefore, if you see a label that says that it is “Real Leather,” “Genuine Leather,” or “Top/Full Grain Leather,” then there’s a big chance that it is, indeed, authentic leather.

The Material

Check the material itself. Genuine leather is usually coarse and rough, as manufacturers make leather from animal skin. Some might smooth out leather boots, but most pairs still retain its grittiness and roughness after all those attempts at smoothing leather out.

The Smell

Genuine leather boots usually have a natural and musty smell. If it smells like plastic or chemicals, then it most definitely is not authentic.

The Price

If it is too cheap, then it definitely is too good to be true. Real leather is expensive, as it is made from animal skin and is very hard to craft.

The Water Test

If you can, drop a very small amount of water to the material that you are trying to test out. If the water stays on top of the material, then it is faux leather. If it absorbs a small amount after a couple of seconds, then it most probably is genuine leather.

Now that you know how to identify real leather from the fake ones, it is time to know how to take care of those boots properly. Enjoy walking in your new pair!

Troubleshooting a Faulty Sprinkler System

a sprinklerThe aim of having an irrigation system in your yard is to apply water evenly. If you see that some sections are constantly wet while others are dry, it could mean that your sprinkler system is leaking. Several factors contribute to this issue, and the most common ones are discussed below.

Defective zone control valves

Your irrigation system is comprised of valves, which are faucets tasked with turning the water on and off. Just like faucets, they can become faulty when something gets caught in their mechanism or due to aging. The most basic symptom of faulty valves is continuous water leakage from the head after the sprinkler system has been shut off. To correct this problem, you need to have the valves inspected and replaced or repaired by experts offering sprinkler system repairs in Utah.

Low head drainage

This problem is often caused by water siphoning into the lower head in your sprinkler system after irrigation. After cutting off the water flow in your irrigation system, some remain in the lines and drain towards the lowest point of your yard. The water will ultimately end up leaking in the lowest head until equilibrium has been achieved. This problem should be fixed promptly, especially if the water puddles around your plants or spreads all over your walkway or drive.

Broken pipes

Overly wet sections in your yard can be a result of broken or cracked pipes. There are two main sections where breaks are more likely to occur, namely main and lateral zone lines. This problem is best corrected after thorough assessment to determine what type of line is broken. The main line is connected to the backflow prevention device and the control valves. It supplies water throughout your sprinkler system and under high pressure. If there is breakage in this line, water will leak whether the system is running or not.

Whether you are experiencing a minor leak or a major issue like a pipe break, you should know that faulty sprinkler systems waste a lot of water. Leaky irrigation systems are not only bad for your yard plantation, but also for your pocket. Step-by-step evaluation of your sprinkler system should help to correct the problem effectively.

The Different Materials Labels Are Made Out Of

Document labeled urgentLabels serve myriads of purposes with their fundamental role being making the identification process of goods easier. Among other uses, labels also offer instructions and give out warnings.

Labels in NZ come in various sizes and comprise of different materials. Some factors often dictate the difference in choice of materials with the common ones being the budget and the surface upon one will place it.

For example, labels that would be in contact with a lot of moisture need to comprise of waterproof material. That said, below are the common types of label materials.

Industrial Vinyl

This material works well for labels that you will put outdoors. Industrial vinyl is not only chemical- and weather-resistant, but it is also has a fade resistance of approximately nine years. This material can also stretch, allowing labels made out of it to be easy to place on sharp curved surfaces and rivets.

White Polypropylene

Sometimes referred to as clear polypropylene, this material often plays the role of a substitute to vinyl. It is also solvent resistant and is flexible. Like the name suggests, this material is often available in white or clear with a matte or gloss finish. It is pocket-friendly when compared with polyester labels.

Destructible Vinyl

With labels made out of destructible vinyl, you cannot remove the label in one piece. This makes this material suitable for making labels that will be on proprietary products. You will often find labels made out of this material having words such as ‘Danger’ or ‘Security.’

If you are looking to have a brightly coloured label, you could go for those made out of foil and fluorescent paper. This material is available in colours such as pink, orange, green and red. Labels in such colours are best used to alert people.

With the many choices of label materials available, it is best that you consult a professional in the labelling industry to make the right choice to enjoy the benefits of labelling.

4 Signs Your Property Needs Roof Repairs

Builder working on roof of buildingAs a business owner, you’re responsible for checking and maintaining your facility. But it’s easy to overlook your roof’s condition, especially if you’re busy working. Here’s a brief guide to help you know when to have routine commercial roof repairs.

Rust and pools of water on your roof

Have you noticed standing pools of water on your roof? Pools of water on roof decks cause rust and faster deterioration of steel, which lead to leaks. Moreover, added weight from pooling water puts pressure on the material, eventually weakening your building’s overall roofing structure. Once you see these signs, it’s best to call experienced commercial roof leak repair experts in Utah.

Gaps or damage on roof flashing

A gap in the roof flashing or roof cover can lead to failure during rain and snowstorms. Roof flashing consists of strips of metal installed around the roof edge where the roof cover meets the wall. You want to make sure it stays in place, so no moisture seeps inside your building.

Dry and curling asphalt shingles

It’s important to check if your asphalt or fiberglass shingles are starting to wear out. When you start to see edges curling, it’s a sign that your building’s shingles are becoming dry and brittle. It won’t be long before they get damaged, so you might want to consider having them repaired or replaced soon.

Water stains on your ceiling

Stains on your ceiling are a sure sign you have a leak, which may be anything from a small crack to a gaping hole in your roof. It’s important to address small leaks, as they may cause your building’s wooden and concrete interiors to rot. Furthermore, you should watch out for molds and unpleasant odors, which may cause allergies or illness.

Now that you know when a building needs roof repairs, the next step is to hire a reliable roofing contractor. Invest in routine maintenance and remember to hire professional roofers with years of experience.

Global Spending on Marketing Automation to Reach $32B in 2018

System automation presentationGlobal spending on marketing automation services and software will reach $32 billion in 2018, which indicates that many companies still consider it as an important part of promotional strategies.

The higher amount stems from different developments in the technology, including machine learning, chatbots and analytics. Your business should not only focus on marketing automation, but also figure out how to integrate it with an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Trending Topics

Marketers will continue to rely on social media to connect with potential clients. If you have not yet delved into automated marketing for networking sites, a MarketingSherpa study may give you another reason to do so.

The research showed that almost 60% of people on social media rely on a brand’s updates via websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This means that interacting with potential clients, such as replying to private messages, may be handled via automated marketing. If you plan to focus more on email automation this year, consider the use of integrated workflows with social advertisements. These are just some of the trends that would be helpful in engaging new customers.

CRM Strategies

Marketing automation allows you to attract new clients, but it should not come at the expense of losing regular customers. Most companies use CRM for this reason, but many of them remain unaware that integrating it with automated marketing has several advantages.

Some of these benefits include nurturing leads, aside from just focusing on lead generation. Hence, a CRM strategy integrated with marketing automation will allow you to send relevant content instantly, depending on your leads’ preferred actions. Another advantage involves a shorter sales cycle, since you know that your business loses money when it takes too long for undecided leads to become repeat clients.


This year marks another time to develop your marketing campaign. How do you plan to use automated marketing to your business strategy?

Digital Orthodontics: Its Benefits to Your Dental Practice

Dentist explaining to a patient in dental clinic

Dentist explaining to a patient in dental clinicTechnology has permeated almost every aspect of people’s lives, and the dental world is no exception. Integrating technology into the practice of dentistry affords both the practitioner and the patient with easy communication as well as efficiency in doing various dental procedures.

While some practitioners are still sticking to the old, manual methods, many are taking advantage of the benefits of digital orthodontics. Experts from the Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab share the top three reasons you should also integrate it into your practice.

Increased efficiency

Digital orthodontics enables you, your team, and your patients achieve efficiency. You become more efficient when you can communicate better with your patients and other dental professionals. Since there is digital orthodontics, you will be able to provide your patients with a great tool to view their cases, explain the difference between extraction and non-extraction procedures, and make a side-by-side comparison of the setup over the original arch.

Updating of skills

Adapting a new technology can seem to be daunting from the start. However, being equipped with a new skill and operating modern equipment can boost the morale of your staff. In many cases, the addition of new technology encourages your staff to learn more and explore the new technology in your clinic or facility. Having a new skill also engages your staff in their work and inspires them to learn more about their craft. Implementing digital orthodontics can also create a fun environment for you and your employees.

Customer satisfaction

Utilizing digital orthodontics is an effective way to improve patient satisfaction. By introducing this technology into your everyday practice, you make each dentist visit less invasive and uncomfortable for your patrons. Unlike the more traditional way of using impression materials, digital orthodontics does not leave an unappealing taste in your patients’ mouths.

You can further improve your dental practice by making use of technology. Consider the benefits of integrating digital orthodontics and start reaping them immediately.